17 thoughts on “Irish Jeopardy!

    1. Alan

      Yep, the kid with 16k didn’t have to go all-in, a 9k winning bet would have covered him even if the second place kid won his.

  1. Ger W

    They’re simply good nationalists to the core…. totally refusing to acknowledge Belfast as a capital city, and rightfully seeing it as a provincial city in this country of Ireland! And not only, that, but willing to throw away all of their money in their steadfast belief! We salute you young comrades!

  2. Kevin

    The last guy was foolish to bet all of his, the most he should have bet was enough to give him double the second guy’s total, thus putting him out of danger.

  3. Liam

    Belfast, costing money and causing despair worldwide.

    In fairness, a very tough question to ask a bunch of American teenagers (even if they’d heard of Belfast the “Capital Cities” thing would have been confusing)

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