Look Familiar?


A locked bike on the Green Line Luas (heading towards town) accompanied by a group of lads, none of whom appeared to “have the key” .


Last seen getting off at Charlemont. Within the last hour.

Thanks Cormac

27 thoughts on “Look Familiar?

  1. Juk

    Would your man cormac not have been better taking a picture of the thieving scumbags as well and posting it up?

      1. Simon

        Don’t know about you but I certainly wouldn’t want to piss off a bunch of thieving scumbags by pointing a camera at them.

    1. sam

      Last I heard there were cameras on the LUAS. So, if someone recognises the bike, contacts the Gardai, the CCTV can be accessed.
      If not, why would broadsheet want to risk defaming people by putting their photos online, when nobody has made a complaint of theft?

  2. Jm

    People need to chill with the demand for posting pictures of ‘guilty’ parties online without knowing the full story. The reactions can be extreme and possibly unfounded. If pictures were taken of the guys and then someone recognising the bike could ask. A picture can say a thousand words but they can all be wrong. Internet bullying blah blah…I’m done.

  3. munkifisht

    Have to say, well done to the guy for taking the pic, but really hope he had the gumption to take a pic of the mugs mugs. I also wonder have we gotten to the stage in life where we are so despondent with our law enforcement that we resort to using websites rather than contacting the Garda?

  4. Serv

    Ah the Charlemont st flats, my first port of call if looking for stolen bikes in or around that part of town. You regularly see them stashed by the side of the southern most block.

  5. Cormac

    Cormac here…Your are right, I should have. My apologies. Perhaps the cctv could be triangulated, they were on the luas when I got on in Dundrum. Very end of luas. They got off approx 5.45, 3 of their party continued till Stephen’s Green. In my defence,I do value my front teeth and personal safety. They were mid teens. One he a Ronnie, and clearly had a grá for saturated fats.


    1. sam

      I reckon you did the smart thing Cormac. There’s already CCTV on the Luas, and you’ve got the picture of the bike out there. So if someone recognises their bike, they know how to get pictures of who had it.
      No need risking your teeth for a bike in fairness.

      1. socks84

        +1 on liking your teeth, Cormac. Internet hard men waffling about taking pictures of them. Stand in front of a guy and take his picture, not only will you lose your teeth but they will also have a bike and a phone. Good move.

  6. herself

    Sorry, why is this on broadsheet? Working class youths spotted with possibly stolen bike. Tis neither news nor lols.

    1. Zippy

      Because we are here to help each other and not just laugh at stupid things. The people need to help each other in this day and age, even if it is “neither news nor lols.”

      1. Mr Mag

        +1 – Herself if you solely want news and lols go get a paper and read the funnies and stop moaning here..You would think by now you would recognise that BS is developing into more than just a “funny website” and has been for some time now.

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