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  1. paul

    What RTE twice called ‘the gravy train’ last weekend. Bit rich coming from a woman on 400k for scratching her hoop twice a week and thinks ‘research’ is finding out live on air who Jon Stewart is.

  2. ABM

    How many of these women are coming back for seconds? And how many claims will there be? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if more than 800 of the Magdalene women who are still alive magically reincarnate themselves. And so we’ll have another army deafness saga on our hands where we can’t tell the genuine from the spurious claimants.

    1. Mick Flavin

      Wouldn’t it be better if they’d all just let it lie. None of them should get anything because of the danger of spurious claims. Are they not aware that they’ll get their reward in heaven?*


    2. Jebus Cripes

      Well, if the nuns had kept proper records and registered the deaths, as legally required (instead of changing everyone’s name, burying them secretly in mass graves and losing the paperwork) then the chance of fraud would be reduced. But there you go.

        1. funman

          A lot of commenters on here are so tied up in their own self righteousness that they fail to see this!

          We troll to please-…/

    3. ABM's Bloodied Underwear.

      What exactly do you mean by coming “back for seconds”?

      Money (or wages which they never received), humiliation, beatings or slavery?

      There was a cathedral built from the money earned from the work of these women. Sell that and pay what’s owed.

  3. snapcrackleandpope

    State sets up redress scheme while the religious orders refuse to even comment to the press.

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