How Far Will They Go?


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More than 70 Trinity students in groups of two, including Rosie Goulding and Nicole O’Sullivan, top, left Dublin yesterday morning.

Goal? To get as far away from Trinity as possible without spending any money within 36 hours.

Some have reached Singapore already.

Lydia Rahill writes:

“Students have already hitchhiked, blagged and snuck their way on to planes, trains and ferries. While many have scattered across Europe, some are en route to places such as Dubai and even Argentina! The project has raised over 7,000 already and is part of the Law Societies fundraising festival Lawlapolooza and all proceeds will be going to Trinity VDP (Vincent De Paul) and DU Amnesty!”

Read messages from the teams and find out where they’ve landed so far here.

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(Pic: University Times and TCD Jailbreak)

UPDATE: Scenes from somewhere around the globe:
Jail1 Jail2

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25 thoughts on “How Far Will They Go?

    1. Kelly

      why? People are raising money and having an adventure. What could you possibly hate, other than the fact you’re not doing it yourself?

      1. cluster

        Yup, no matter what they have raised more money for charity than I have over the last 36 hours.

    2. Niamh

      The money raised online isn’t paying for their travels. That €7k is for VDP and Amnesty. They might raise some money along the way to pay for buses etc but they don’t get the money raised online. Plus having an event makes it easier to raise money. They aren’t just going to get €7k for planning it or having a imaginary jailbreak. And for those who got free flights/bus tickets/ferry tickets etc, it’s not like the companies were gonna give them the cash equivalent if they didn’t go.

      They could have just done it for the craic and not raised any money for charity.

      1. The Other Fella

        Must be a grumpy auld lad but it seems quite a dangerous and reckless event to have organised. I hope everyone returns home safely.

  1. Hank

    To be fair, the 2 girls in the first photo have, ahem, how shall I put this.. a slight advantage..

    1. Gav

      Get deported when airport security realize they have no visa and are not waiting for a connecting flight. :P

      1. Niamh

        Information about visas was going around in the weeks leading up to it – countries that you could get to without one.

    2. Niamh

      Same way…
      Some who didn’t go so far already got home. Blagging their way onto ferrys, buses, getting lifts from lorry drivers etc.
      Apparently stena line (i think it was them) were really enthusiastic about it and a few people managed to get on ferrys.
      Although I think when universities in the UK did it, once the 36 hours were up you could spend your own money to get home.

      A large amount of trinity students who are on erasmus are offering accommodation around the world (and also families/friends of students who live abroad) if they have to wait for a return flight.

      1. The Citizen

        Were you hunched over the keyboard breathing heavy and sweating when you wrote that? Was the typo from not being as good with your left hand?

  2. Heber Rowan (@HeberRowan)

    Heavens this looks like fun!
    Still a little reckless all the same. I would like to meet some of the people who have done this and hear their stories.
    The world is more open and accessible than we think.
    Its great to be reminded of that.

    1. Adeline

      Well there is often some free seats left in planes and it’s good/free publicity for the company…Amnesty is well-known they would probably had more issues getting a free ride if they were raising money for cross-eyed people…

  3. Gravatarquin

    I would have just walked down the road to Belfield. Most Trinity students seem to think it’s worlds away.

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