Hail To The Leaf


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The shamrock and bowl years

Diarmaid Keane, of the US Embassy, Dublin, writes:

From Reagan to Clinton, Nixon to JFK – every U.S. President since 1952 has embraced the shamrock ceremony at The White House differently.
With help from the National Archives of Ireland and the RTE archives we have put together a short video explaining how the day has evolved over the years.


Top pic: Ambassador Thomas Kiernan and John F Kennedy on St Patrick’s Day, 1961 via Boston Irish Heritage
Pic 2: Ireland’s ambassador William Fay and Richard Nixon, White House, March 17, 1969. Via Nixon Foundation
Pic 3: Garrett Fitzgerald, then Foreign Minister with Jimmy Carter, 1977 via US Embassy, Dublin
Pic 4: Brian Lenihan Snr and then Vice President George H Bush, 1988.
Pic 5: Albert Reynolds, Bill Clinton and Phil Coulter, 1994 via US Embassy, Dublin
pic 6: John Bruton and Bill Clinton, 1995 as above
Pic 7: Bertie Ahern and George W Bush, 2001 via CDR
Pic 8: Brian Cowen and Barack Obama, 2010 via US Embassy, Dublin
Pic 9: Waterford Crystal bowl for Barack Obama, 2012 via US Embassy, Dublin

27 thoughts on “Hail To The Leaf

  1. Banjaxed

    We should now just give them a packet of those Shamrock and Sour Cream crisps. Much better.

  2. H

    I haven’t watched the video as I’m not that bothered but on a point of order, didn’t ‘W’ refuse to do the shamrock thing?

  3. wearnicehats

    I appear to have missed something. All this fiddle-de-dee – ho ho oirish bollocks has for years been recognised for what it is – an excuse for the twats that run this country to feck off around the globe and have a grand old time in the name of de fada

    I’ve sat and listened to all manner of gobshites gobshiten on about de gadderin. Well wouldn’t it have have been a prime opportunity for the lads to put their money where their airfares are and invite all the world leaders they love licking the holes off over to the auld sod for a few days. A gadderin to end all de gadderins.

    No? why? because not one of them would be arsed. St Patrick’s Day is a drink soused scumbagathon that long lost any creditability. Look at the state of merrion square. roll up roll up. no – roll on Tuesday.

    1. TonyS

      + 1000. Where I live the marketing people (Diageo etc) have long since taken this over, and the locals consider it an excuse to head to the nearest Oirish bar and drink shite Guinness out of plastic cups …. FFS

  4. H

    Oh, so it looks like Bush did do it, I was sure he refused, maybe that was later….or I imagined it….

  5. RIP Magazine

    Christ, Obama must have thought Daylight Savings had come early that year. Nice of Garrett to actual grow the stuff out of his head.

    Albert Reynolds. Surely a caption competition asking what Bill was doing with his right hand.

    As for John Bruton. Well.. Operation Transformation just doesn’t get quality candidates like that anymore, does it.

  6. Yer Mudder

    Bleedin’ civil servants.

    Don’t tango 85% of Bertie’s face or you’ll make him look like a juddering twat.

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