Hail To The Leaf


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The shamrock and bowl years

Diarmaid Keane, of the US Embassy, Dublin, writes:

From Reagan to Clinton, Nixon to JFK – every U.S. President since 1952 has embraced the shamrock ceremony at The White House differently.
With help from the National Archives of Ireland and the RTE archives we have put together a short video explaining how the day has evolved over the years.


Top pic: Ambassador Thomas Kiernan and John F Kennedy on St Patrick’s Day, 1961 via Boston Irish Heritage
Pic 2: Ireland’s ambassador William Fay and Richard Nixon, White House, March 17, 1969. Via Nixon Foundation
Pic 3: Garrett Fitzgerald, then Foreign Minister with Jimmy Carter, 1977 via US Embassy, Dublin
Pic 4: Brian Lenihan Snr and then Vice President George H Bush, 1988.
Pic 5: Albert Reynolds, Bill Clinton and Phil Coulter, 1994 via US Embassy, Dublin
pic 6: John Bruton and Bill Clinton, 1995 as above
Pic 7: Bertie Ahern and George W Bush, 2001 via CDR
Pic 8: Brian Cowen and Barack Obama, 2010 via US Embassy, Dublin
Pic 9: Waterford Crystal bowl for Barack Obama, 2012 via US Embassy, Dublin