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You may recall how Iona Institute founder David Quinn threatened legal action against the University Times two months ago after the Trinity College newspaper published articles about the much-lampooned online video, The Case for Man/Woman Marriage.

The College Tribune, a UCD publication, is now reporting that a separate paper Trinity News has now received legal letters concerning their coverage of the University Times incident.

James Grannell reports:

“The College Tribune now understands that Trinity News has come under fire from David Quinn in relation to their coverage of the controversy between him and the University Times.”

“In a reply, which was published in the University Times on 12th February, Quinn accused Trinity News of “dismissing” his concerns in relation to the articles, namely that the University Times had defamed him by effectively describing him as “a racist” who had “formed a ‘bigoted hate group’”.

“It is understood that Trinity News were sent a series of legal letters from solicitors representing David Quinn. This is believed to have been the reason for the publication of a clarification to their earlier article relating to the problems between the University Times and the Iona institute.”

If legal action is taken against Trinity News it will mean that both Trinity papers will have been forced to back down by Quinn in a single academic year. This may also have implications for other student media outlets and how they cover issues relating to Quinn and the Iona Institute.”


He’s literally a poor man’s Denis.

Trinity News Falls Foul Of Quinn (College Tribune)

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46 thoughts on “Go Iona That

  1. Cormac

    Surely there must be some fundit. set up/ wealthy philanthropist to help the papers defend any claim, thus depleting Iona’s vast resources somewhat, flushing out the preposterousness of the claim being taken, highlighting the pettynishness of it all and consequently reducing Iona’s credibility as bullyers of students (but not private secondary school students judging by recent Iona outings)

    1. Ultravox (it means nothing to me)

      There are wealthy benefactors to step in here for sure – they’re called “parents of Trinity students” I believe. You want to be a real newspaper, well them’s the breaks.

      Just because you don’t pay fees doesn’t mean you cannot afford lawyers.

      1. Ronan

        Yes.. all students who go to University are loaded. Didn’t know there was a direct correlation between wealth and academia.

      2. Sidewinder

        Sorry to dispel the comfy notion that Trinity is for rich kids but they actually operate off the points system like every other college. Kindly stop perpetuating this laziest of myths.

      3. whitebear

        Trinity News don’t have a case to answer (providing that the description of events by the College Tribune is correct).

        The problem is that Trinity News cannot afford the legal fees involved in demonstrating that in a court of law. And David Quinn must know this.

        Result: David Quinn can bully people with defamation law and make them retract statements, that are in fact, true.

        It seems a very strange principle indeed that the parents of students should have to pay for legal fees in order that their children can exercise freedom of speech.

        1. The Citizen

          Does Trinity not have a Law school?

          If you pay a legal firm the ones doing the work will be the ones in college a few months before.

          If they have no money all the better, it doesn’t matter if they lose.

          Stop whinging and play the game to your strengths. That’s what Iona and DOB do.

          1. Greencabdriver

            Hatttte to burst your bubble but life ain’t like Perry Mason, you don’t hop out of college and get the big cases just for the asking. You get to make the tae and open the doors for them that do the big cases …. if you are lucky.

    2. Bob

      Give us a break. Iona represents ordinary people the length and breadth of the country. If the Trinity News writers are so arrogant that they think they are immune to the libel laws that serve protect people they have another thing coming. Just because they are in Trinity and publish does not immune they are above the law.

      1. Arbs

        “Iona represents ordinary people the length and breadth of the country”. Were I being unkind, I would say that this incited a raucous guffaw. Poor little David Quinn is wondering why then does he have to hawk his wares on EWTN, the American Catholic fundamentalist TV network just to earn his wages, one of the presenters of which, Father Benedict Groeschl had to step down recently for opining that in cases of clerical child abuse, the victim was often the “seducer”. Given the financial woes of Iona, even allowing for its dubious charitable status, surely this negates any inference that they represent the views of the majority? Or is it simply the case that in these recessionary times, good honest Catholic families wish to donate to Iona but simply cannot?

      2. Nikki Brooks

        They most CERTAINLY do not represent me or any of my family, friends are acquaintances.

  2. domquixote

    If you can’t win a debate then I suppose it’s nice to have enough money to stifle one.


    1. realPolithicks

      It’s a classic right wing tactic. They attempt to silence their critics by overwhelming them with lawsuits. No doubt the Iona Institute is funded, by the same deep pockets benefactors from the US that fund the youth defense operation.

      1. Joe Malone

        and ad hominem attacks are a classic left wing pinko tactic!
        The queer marriage brigade can’t effectively debate with this guy so they attack him instead of debate with him.
        Shower of rucking fetards!

        1. well

          “they attack him instead of debate with him.”

          Quinn wants all his debates to be exclusively with student publications held in the Courts and charging exorbitant rates that no one could possibly afford unless they had the Vaticans coffers behind them.

        2. realPolithicks

          “The queer marriage brigade ”
          “Shower of rucking fetards”
          Nice use of language. Very “christian” of you!

        3. Arbs

          We having been missing the real ABM, Joe Malone. You appear to have all the hallmarks: febrile ideology, frothing-at-the-mouth manner of presentation, blinded by your own ignorance and I’m guessing probably guilty of the worst type of hypocrisy. Are you our stand-in ABM? Nice to meet you “Joe”: I look forward to your doubtless hilarity! Don’t mind those pinkos: open them up to the breath of your rapier wit and insightful commentary…

      2. Bob

        Ridiculous and clichéd diversion tactic by yourself. As if the left wing think tanks are funded by penny boxes…

        1. Arbs

          I adore the implication that the Iona Institute is actually a “think tank”. Bless. Surely such an implication would amount to a dictionary definition of the term oxymoron. A motley crew of a few low-born religious fundamentalists eyeing up the pockets of US bible belters does not a think tank make.

  3. ferg

    You can have a debate without resorting to slander. If they called him a racist in the article in question then they have to stand over that claim. Moneybags or not he has a right to defend himself against that accusation.
    If they have evidence he is a racist, then produce it and let him piss his money against a wall.
    He might be on shakier ground on the whole bigot thing…..

    1. well

      They didn’t call him a racist. They used an analogy comparing him to the Anti-interracial marriage protesters of the US.

      Quinn either doesn’t understand the analogy or is willfully misrepresenting its meaning.

    1. woesinger

      If that’s the article Quinn is on about, it would seem he has little or no grounds to claim he’s being defamed by it.

  4. Arbs

    Interesting that the legal letters come from none other than O’Rourke Reid, one of the principals of which is, you’ve guessed it, on the Board of Directors of the creepy and shadowy Iona Institute. Little David has direct access not only to God but also to lawyers. Wee David Quinn, who is entry level middle class at best, is hilariously using Iona not only to constantly obsess about sexual mores and peddle a chicken licken style line of argument in relation to secularism and the “liberal agenda” but also to climb the social ladder: he fancies himself as a neo-conservative now. You couldn’t make it up.

    1. cluster

      Nasty class-snobbery does your argument no favours.

      I tend to agree with your positions but your ‘mocking’ schtick (with ABM) had gotten very old.

  5. ABM

    Great news.

    The vast majority of Trinity News contributors are wannabe Protestants with a massive chip on their shoulder about all things Catholic-related.

    I hope David Quinn takes them to the cleaners.

    Now, back to:

    – Palestine
    – SU politics
    – Summer holiday snaps masquerading as a “travel section”
    – SU politics
    – The latest sporting losses from the College of the Holy and Undivided
    – SU politics
    – feminism, condoms, abortion, garriage, …
    – SU politics
    – made up letters to the editor
    – SU politics
    – how great Trinity is (Ireland’s “elite” don’t ya know?)
    – SU politics
    – ad nauseum

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