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    1. Darragh

      Congratulations. You’ve shown how much you care about all the suffering in the world, and shown up everyone who expresses a shred of sympathy for maimed toddlers as the racist hypocrites that they are.

      Or alternatively, you’re just being a sanctimonious arse.

    2. Sam

      I have Iraqi friends, I do read the news about what goes on there. I don’t appreciate the implication nor the distraction that you are creating here.

      1. Bacchus

        Iraq is a war zone. Boston isn’t. There is a difference. THis is a tragic story and the very first comment seeks to dilute it. A “sanctimonious arse” is a polite description of the turd who posted it. .

        1. Sam

          Indeed there is a difference, but elsewhere, I could debate as to whether it is more tragic when it is more rare. The grinding spirit eroding parts of violence are the long bits of trying to cope between blasts. There need not be another bomb in Boston for quite some time (hopefully never), but there peace of mind will take some time to come back, wondering if going down the street to the grocery store will get them killed or showered in body parts. That’s reality for many people, but it’s not a competition. It’s hardly a shortcoming of the people of Boston, or Ireland that the vast majority of us will never experience it. Nobody deserves to experience that type of wanton irrational terror.
          I think it is repugnant of ‘Odin’ to try to make an issue of people showing concern for the suffering of this family, just because, somewhere else, there’s another family suffering a similar fate.
          He should lobby Broadsheet to do more coverage of the middle east if he likes, but as a very visually driven website, he will find that reporters are not so thick on the ground when an IED goes off in a Baghdad neighbourhood.

        2. Small Wonder

          Ah now hang on. You can’t draw lines on a map and say one life is more important than another.

          Neither does one tragedy diminish another.

          Nothing about any of this is justified, so we may all just grieve and leave everyone else to their own grief too.

    3. dylad

      Is broadsheet not allowed to print this without taking account of every other tragedy that has occurred or is this your shot at one-upmanship?

  1. teal

    this is so very sad. the bombing in Iraq is sad, also. anyone with a heart knows that when something is very familiar, it hits home just that bit harder. to see this lovely picture and to see this 8yr old full of life, gently protecting his little sister. there are no words. i’m so sorry for their loss and the battle they have ahead of them in healing from this tragedy.

    1. Sam

      I hope an enlarged version of that photo gets a good airing at a criminal trial of the guilty parties, in the not too distant future.

  2. Simon

    @ Odin, when seeing all the posts on my own Facebook feed about the Boston bombing, and there were many, I also thought of the horrific bombing in Iraq that killed 55 and wanted to post a similar link to the one you posted above under all those comments. But I stopped myself. I realised that it would not be appreciated by most. It troubles me though. I guess a lot of Irish people have friends in Boston and have been there themselves and it feels more personal than another 55 slaughtered in Baghdad or hundreds killed in and earthquake in Iran.

    1. Mea-Lua

      For those of us who work in parts of the world where extreme violence and injustice confronts us on a daily basis: It doesn’t lessen the horror and sadness we feel for those affected in Boston.

      1. John

        I would genuinely like to hear the viewpoint of a good few journalists etc. who are like this; working in warzones who feel emotionally affected by, for instance, this bomb, or the other rarities in the EU/US.

        I find it difficult to interact with news stories on a human level anyway, I guess, because I’m always second guessing my response and to the text as it is given. Being distant from both Boston and Baghdad, I tend more to wonder about whether it could happen to me in London (like Boston), or whether the people I vote for/talk to who also vote could lessen its occurence (as they could in Baghdad). A mixture I guess of fear of common complicity and fear of unlikely bombing. I can’t quite identify wholeheartedly with the victims of the one knowing that in the same city (ie London where I am) are the powers that aggress the other.

        Having said that, if I were American I know I’d be pugnacious as f*ck right now; like if someone bombed my hometown in Ireland. Reason would go out the window.

  3. Jack Ascinine

    Little f@ck!ng terrorist pigs like that, who don’t care that they’ve just destroyed some little girl’s life and killed some boy who played no part in anyone’s political agenda, are the scourge of the earth.

  4. Sneakers O'Toole

    @ odin. Some potholes on this site. Lefter than thou narcissists constantly pouring scorn on everything posted here. Stop pretending to give a toss about Iraq/Palestine. You don’t, but it makes you look cool and deep. The shock at the Boston bombings is it due to it happening in a civilised city in a somewhat civilised country rather than the conflict regions named above. Keep up the crusade for peace from your bedroom mon.

    1. B Bop

      Superbly put Sneakers.
      There will always be these leftie cynics & yes we all concur is deplorable what happens in Iran/Iraq/Syria,Palestine but an attack on innocent people running & supporting charities & family…living lives so similar to our own in a country we are indelibly & intrinsically linked to by generations, history & the foundation of America to this day …is an attack on us.
      The nations of the middle east are almost inherently hateful to the Western world…we’ve all grown up with American flags being burned. So sympathy is there from us to their plight in war times, we will just never garner the sympathy & shock we have felt with Boston & forever with New York.

      1. Luke

        What defines a war zone?
        Are you guys implying the Middle East is not civilized? The children of Gaza not innocent?

        @ odin: Very sad for the Irish family that got decimated in Boston. What goes on in the Middle East is awful and tragic. It’s not a competition though!

      1. Sneakers O'Toole

        I’ll qualify that. A very unequal country with high rates of gun violence. Boston itself would be one of the more progressive cities.

  5. Iwerzon

    Very sad and distressing news indeed – the Boston bomb is closer to home and to the Irish around the world. With regards a war-zone. You cannot invade and occupy and expect security. The US is in the war-zone with regards Iraq and Afghanastan. However, me thinks the Boston bomb is domestic – right wing pro-lifers or gun owner nuts.

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