He Is A Monk Us


BIHVzBFCMAAHOxw.jpg largeWell Hello Dalai!

Hey Buddhist, can you spare a dime?


Richard Moore, Director of Children in Crossfire with the Dalai Lama at the City Hotel, Derry yesterday.

Watch Dalai visit the Peace Bridge at 1pm today and give a public talk in Ebrington here.

Pic via: Ashleen Williams

35 thoughts on “He Is A Monk Us

    1. edalicious

      Yeah, i was wondering. “I’m not down with it but if that’s what you want to do, feel free” seems to be a fairly grand opinion on the matter.

    1. cluster

      Among us doesn’t have to refer to political entities.

      He is a couple of hours drive away on the same small island.

  1. jojo

    Why do people have such unjust respect for buddhists, like they’ll be like

    ‘Oh your a buddhist, wow cool. wow ye a buddhist, I hate organised religion but man, buddism.. (wink and a thumbs up)’

    Just imagined a dredded white crusty looking up at a Buddhist monk in silent awe, everything they say, the HIGHEST unquestioned respect.

    Why? is it the robes? anyway don’t doubt they don’t cash in hard on this

    1. Bejayziz

      Totally agree, no difference than the pope (well there are some differences but ye get the point)…he’s a bit of a shit stirrer too

    1. Bejayziz

      “She leaves a husband and three-year-old child.” …..a tad selfish in fairness…a Free Tibet is an unrealistic request too, but they of course should have equal right to the Han Chinese population…Once they have this they should be happy they are part of the future power house of the world

        1. Bejayziz

          what does it matter what flag you have once you have the same rights…the right are the issue not the annexation

        2. Bejayziz

          I agree they shouldnt be diluting their culture…thats why i mentioned rights as the issue…

          1. Ink Tonic (@InkTonic)

            Shur they destroyed their own with the Cultural Revolution, been to China twice, mixed up place! Have also stayed with a Tibetan family for 6 weeks in Nepal back in 2000, man of the houses family fled Tibet when he was 4 through the Himalayas. Nepal provided areas which started out as refugee camps but now are community’s with schools, temples, people involved in cottage industries etc. I wouldn’t be one for the religious waffle but at end of the day everyone deserves to live on the land of their Culture/Flag, where their ancestors are buried, or eaten by vultures in Tibet’s case.

    2. Bejayziz

      The Cultural Revolution was a horrible period!
      I’m not contesting that, the Tibetan people should be able to live in peace where they were born with equal rights to everyone else but its unrealistic to look for Independence, this will never happen and people should simply focus on rights issues…with rights restored it might well be a good position they find themselves in, economically over time!

  2. New York for Sam

    The Dalai Lama states he is just a simple monk, a fellow human being which is why he has captured the imagination of millions as he teaches a method of loving kindness which is accessible to millions. The whole ethos of Christianity is bound in guilt and fear which man made. Jesus, Buddha, Allah are all basically teach the same message but you add ego, you get fascists and religion.

    1. hyper nova

      A simple monk? It’s taught that he is something of a demi-god. Why do you think he’s the DALAI LAMA? That means he is regarded as better than the rest of us, which is a disgusting and insulting notion.

      Also, Buddhism and Christianity do not preach the same message, and unfortunately some of what they do preach is not love and peace.

      People would be better off if they stopped worshipping old primate virgins and did some thinking for themselves. We can have humanism and decency and love without holy doctrine, thanks.

  3. MikMik

    China should rellay address the real problem of Tibetans, there will not be peace otherwise in Tibet. The basic human rights and freedom are what Tibetans want, which are the birth right of every human being on this earth. Brutal crackdown on Tibetans will not whatsoever solve the Tibet issue

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