Sandwich Bag Art


bags-3 bagart bags-1 bagart2 bags-4Graphic designer and best-dad-ever contender David LaFerriere has been drawing illustrations on his kids’ school lunch sandwich bags for the last five years.

He’s photographed 1,100 of them and you can explore the entire collection on his Flickr stream.


16 thoughts on “Sandwich Bag Art

  1. tommy

    This does my head in.
    “Best Dad ever!!!”
    No, I just see a father indulging his own past times. Who knows what he is actually like as a father.

    1. Gallant

      I can imagine his son asking can they go play football, and him replying, “Not now son, I have to photo hundreds of these bags for reddit”.

    2. Sandra

      True, and yes he could be a sh!t father. But speaking from my own experience, a father who has the inclination to spend time doing this and is thoughtful enough to do it, will be, chances are, a top, hands on, fun father.

      1. tommy

        A good father won’t mind doing something he hates if it is for his kids benefit. I doubt the kid cares that much about a few drawings on his sandwich, it is entirely for the fathers benefit.

          1. tommy

            Nah, I’m tired of seeing these father of the year posts on reddit. Some overgrown child who managed to procreate dressed up as some 1980s superhero with a toddler looking on confused. Great parenting is not something that lends itself to shared imgur uploads.

          2. Padraic

            Tommy it is not ok to bet your kids just because your ould fella bet you. Get help and be honest with yourself. I seen your type a million times pal. Father hating animal tru no fault of ur own. Get help. Seriously

          3. cluster

            Those reddit father of the year posts give me some hope that I could be a decent father based mainly on the fact that I am an overgrown child myself.

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