Ideation Once Again



Judge, Jury & Obstetrician

Tara Flynn’s uncompromising take on the proposed abortion panel.

Featuring ‘rick idol Moynes (top right) as himself.

Starring :Tara Flynn, Luke Griffin, Dermot Magennis, John Moynes, Kevin McGahern and Giles Brody; Director of Photography: Conor O’Toole; Sound: Donnacha O’Brien;;; Continuity: Charlene Craig; Directed by Diarmuid O’Brien. Mr Moyne’s pants: Model’s own.


Thanks Der Howard

8 thoughts on “Ideation Once Again

  1. Crikey Mikey

    F*ck me that was horrific. I had to stop it half way through before they behead some poor fella. And to think some people call this funny??

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