43 thoughts on “Are These Your Friends?

  1. Eoin

    Do you’ve to enter a pin once you slide to unlock?Presume you do but if not could try calling one of their friends?Assume you’ve tried this already though!

    1. Niamh

      Hey, yeah it was the first thing I tried! Protected by pin, so it’s waiting in Connolly. Hope the daft spoon gets it back :)

        1. paidi

          Bring the phone to me. I’ll unlock the phone. I’ll sell the phone on. I’ll buy you a coffee.


          1. Bejayziz

            can one not just wait for someone to call the phone…surely the person that lost it will call it

          2. Bejayziz

            can one not just wait for someone to call the phone…surely the person that lost it will call it

          3. Tickle (Now with 100% non-moderated comments!)

            padi, I’d say it is an iPhone 3/GS/thingy.

            Roundy/curvey edges and all that.

            Pretty much like the one I have. Same cover to.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      If it’s Des Bishop’s phone and he gets it back, you know he’ll base an entire tour talking about this.

  2. I also had my bike stolen

    If you lose your phone and you’ve got a PIN on it, you’re not going to get your phone back.

    1. Scared Vagina

      Some people* put a contact number on their Lock screen so you can see it without needing the PIN.

      *I need to get around to doing this.

      1. Niamh

        If someone picks up the locked phone and sees the number (a phone number for a relative of yours) on the screen they’ll ring that number and let your relative/friend know where your phone is.

        Either that or they steal the phone an bring it to get unlocked but hey, worth a shot!

        1. Mikeyfex

          I think Chucky R Law was referring to the theory from I also Had my Bike Stolen above. A theory which I also would like explained. The adding a number to the locked phone screen is handy but if that’s not turned on I’d rather lose a locked phone than an unlocked one with my email and god knows what else still possibly logged in.

          1. I also had my bike stolen

            If the phone is locked, the kind person who found it can’t use the last dialled etc. to return it to you.

            You can remote wipe your phone with Find My iPhone. If fmip isn’t working, that’s because they’ve already wiped it, or at least aren’t connected to WiFi where they can read your emails.

            If your phone is stolen, the thieves aren’t stealing it so they can read your emails.

            Also, don’t cancel your contract immediately, with or with a PIN, so they can dial from your phone and so Find My iPhone keeps updating.

            What I do have a PIN on is “Restrictions” so that when someone finds my phone, they can’t turn off location services, can’t delete apps and can’t remove the Apple account that’s Find My iPhone is attached to.

          2. Chucky R. Law

            Right. PIN protection = lost forever. So there’s no chance that someone will phone the phone? Not even the owner? Nowhere to put an engraving or sticker with contact details?

      2. Odockatee

        Yes, what is this and how does one do it? I’ve had a look in settings and am none the wiser

        1. Niamh

          Take a photo of the phone number written on a piece of paper (or typed on your phone and take a shot of the screen) and then set that as your wallpaper. Easy

          1. Scared Vagina

            Bingo. Or if you’re fancy you could make some sort of nice image with the number visible and upload it to your phone for use as lock screen.

          2. Xiao Liu

            Just remember, kids – don’t put your own mobile number on your lock screen. That won’t work at all.

  3. Luny Loo

    Lads this is an easy one.

    Nearly all folks who put these locks on their phones, dont enable the phone wipe after 10 attempts.

    Meaning, all you have to do is guess the thousand combinations.

    I had to do that once for a combo lock on my father in laws suit case. Took less than an hour.

        1. Luny Loo

          oh ye, that would be a mere ten hours. haha ten hours continuously doing thumb gymnastics.

          Mick, your polite rebuff is not very broadsheet of you. You should have rubbed my nose in it a little more :-)

          1. Mick Flavin

            There was a subtle sneering condescension in my message that obviously went over your head pet…nah, I’m only messing…anonymity shouldn’t always inspire bad manners…

    1. Bingo

      I think there’d actually be 9999 combinations, rather than A thousand. So, “all you have to do” in your mind is ten times easier than what is actually necessary to guess the code.

      1. Luny Loo

        See mick, Bingo has the right attitude. Dont let them off lightly. No error should go unmocked :-)

        1. Bingo

          No error should go unmocked, true.

          I just had to reply to your comment because you suggested a number between 0 and 10,000 might be guessed easily. I hope I have at the very least taught you that such a guess would not be easy.


  4. Mike Baldwin

    Yeah, you were working with 3 digits on the case, 4 permus is 9999. Anyway, I called in and said, “hey, I lost my phone, it has a black rubber case with a slight tear on the top left and a pic of my family on the screen……did you find it?……..fair play on the sentiment though….

    1. Niamh

      I’m assuming in good faith that the staff in Connolly have enough cop on to ask the claimant for the pin and check that it’s correct before they hand it over.

  5. El

    If that really is Des Bishop you could tweet him and see if he remembers where that photo was taken.

    Potentially mortifying for the owner of the phone, potentially excellent entertainment for sleuthing internet do-gooders.

  6. mike

    2:43pm post and still not claimed? “That’s my friend Sean, etc”.

    Must be that Sean is ashamed of his iPhone3 and doesn’t want to get it.

  7. Dan


    This is a photograph of me, my secrey mistress and our illegitimate children.

    Please remove this picture of my secret second family from your website as soon as possible.


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