18 thoughts on “And All The Batterburgers You Can Eat

      1. Eoin

        I know it’s a genuine ad – I mean it’s a joke that this is allowed as an internship

    1. Trapper

      Most definitely not a joke: http://intern.jobbridge.ie/Default.aspx?q=B+fomdowzS8kaDnSlUDk1yW26DjUJdnNZmJvk4EsxDKnmmsSN00TwaZaIEFImBsaaGNRm1iHqg5kX6b3kPYAFGpQj6XSq5Z5xpG6YejShRwE4iXJAhWa8Oav1x6NCtZpz+vtmn2PvG3iHi9TEQk3kKaA5WrhljMuzvaMezosriVvcBLGnQIrEybWmPIRs0aNo6A/3THyMHOq6BqeWdNxjruT2jVEyyyML0Sqdw2XcbEP2qruKt4BN3exMesl3ZpcROIFisYwv2xbJVUP/KntTXfGJF4H/WybNTmoSIqrKRgderUKosyt+rc0qqdj/n2NUBPtsPBqqWS6paxEgjTwfm3VMObwqItXRaguNwbcikSJcyZrduWNMnUboO9/j1B2zthfA8qwxhzKyPio91B0HfSmk3iCWY+kc2jYO9i5q6bMbLKoWreli8BGMDx7vAWUg6hBKG7qc3GuEKvdwoMrvcjPkGl8sk3F

    2. Anvil

      So someone gets €50 on top of their usual social welfare payments not to sit on their arse watching daytime television.
      Instead they learn how a business works and how to interact with customers.
      And they show any prospective future employer they can be reliable and trustworthy around cash.
      I don’t see much of a problem with that.
      It’s certainly more than they’d be getting if they were jobless in Athens.

      1. Eoin

        If the chipper wants an employee they should hire one. This should at least be a minimum wage jobs, the intern won’t even be paid that much. It’s exploitation pure and simple.

        1. Grim

          +1 Eoin
          Employment erosion at it’s worst. I’m surprised they don’t require a masters and six years experience.

      2. Grammer puleeez

        Yeah Yeah, nice one anvil. Tell me, when was the last time you got your hole?…..Clown.

  1. dai

    pfft. “Experience in cash handling”. I’ve been handling cash since my uncle gave me pound coin for my 5th birthday

  2. Liggy


    This one is even worse – they would like the applicant to have a “Third Level – Qualification in IT related discipline” to do the job.

    Dawnfarms – ye old shower of tightarse d1cks!

  3. cgarvey

    .. and if it was demoralising enough to have to apply for this position, you have to apply to a “Life Coach” (Google the email address). Despicable abuse of the scheme.

    1. Anne

      A “life coach” with a “gmail” address – yeahhhhh. Doesn’t sound like someone that did an internet course in the subject over the course of two weeks and is now an “expert”

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