Why Is A Military Helicopter Hovering Over The IFSC?


chopperchopper1 chopper2ifscRight NOW.


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36 thoughts on “Why Is A Military Helicopter Hovering Over The IFSC?

  1. Paul Moriaty

    It’s the launch of FlightFest 2013… Air Display over the liffey during the summer….

        1. tommy

          Looks better than Bray already but not my too much. If they get the Vulcan booked it would make all the difference. No military jets = no airshow

        2. Wilson-IRL

          By “large aircraft” do you mean proper military aircraft or more like Dublin Airport just re-routing some of its traffic?

          I remember seeing a Mirage F1 at an airshow up in Dublin when i was a kid. So awesome!

          1. aretheymyfeet

            On a beach in Greece last year three Apache Attack Helicopters showed up and started showing off. Very impressive.

        1. John

          Left click hold and swipe then right click Look up “pedantry” ….. HARD TO BEAT AN APPLE !!

          1. Sgt. Bilko

            You mean the following: “the habit or an instance of being a pedant, esp in the display of useless knowledge or minute observance of petty rules or details”?

            I presume you have a point to make?

  2. Kolmo

    High speed garda escorted vehikals baitin’ thru town too..speed boat in the water, they brought EVERYONE!!!!

  3. Tara Dent

    well they pick there week considering theres exams on in the college …. NOISE !!!!!!!! NOT FAIR

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