365 Days Of Tay


Tea-Calendar-8-640x512 Tea-Calendar-5-640x512 Tea-Calendar-7-640x512 Tea-Calendar-4-640x512Der Teekalander – created for tea traders Hälssen & Lyon by German agency Kolle Rebe – every day of the year featuring one of the company’s tea varieties compacted into a solid, dissolvable rectangle.


(Hat tip : Spaghetti Hoop)

23 thoughts on “365 Days Of Tay

  1. izzy

    I actually really want this!!! How can you buy it??-the website is very confusing for a non-speaking German :/

    1. Jonjo

      Unfortunately the Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar is not available to buy, being produced only for a select few business partners of the company.

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