Who Is In The Right?




A fabulously bad-tempered, quickly escalating, NSFW bike-car confrontation yesterday in East Hanover Street, Dublin.

The man on the bike writes:

This was my 43rd kilometre [of the] morning and I was almost at the end. I wasn’t suffering fools lightly at this point.


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Thanks Dec Byrne

318 thoughts on “Who Is In The Right?

    1. anvil

      The cyclist is a tosser,end of.
      He comes flying round the corner and meets a motorist who is clearly on the right hand side of the road preparing to overtake parked cars.
      Instead of showing a bit of give and take the wanker starts ‘effing and blinding straight away.
      The cretin deserves a smack in the mouth.

      1. my2yen

        Yeah!,He’s a knob. I mean what’s the point of having a helmet cam if you can’t upload you zealous behaviour. He probably was waiting weeks for something like this to happen.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Funny that all the traffic behind the woman is also on that side of the road.
            It’s called over-taking parked cars.
            Not only does that douche-bag cyclist deserve a slap in the chops but a kick in his lycra-clad nuts too.

      2. MeMe

        Perhaps that woman shouldn’t have a licence, considering her mental state. I’M A WOMAN ON MY OWWWWNNNN. Sure is it any wonder us men need to tell you when (never) you can have abortions.

      3. sinabhfuil

        The cyclist is in the right, but what a bully! It’s really not his business to give the silly driver an expletive-laden critique of her driving.

      4. Hammo

        If you bothered to look at the footage properly she is not near the parked cars (or indicating that she is overtaking) and is already on the wrong side of the road and should be able to see the oncoming cyclist, she is clearly in the wrong. However what’s more disturbing is her “I’m a women on my own, don’t
        threaten me” claim, when she clearly hasn’t been, she clearly mentally unstable and buts women’s equality back 100years.

      5. Kenneth

        You are a tosser my friend. If that was a car and not a bike coming around the do you think the driver would have tolerated the road position of the lady in the van? She showed no attempt to provide roam for the cyclist who was on the right side of the road and the right of way.

    2. sammy sausages

      99.99999999% are all idiots. They will always be in the wrong. 99.99999999% of them think they have 100% control and right of way on all roads. The always expect cars to get out of their way and always cut to the top of the line of traffic and stay in the way for cars and motorcyles when lights go green.
      Every day I see them jumping lights when the pedestrians man is green…they think they can have it all their own way. Well the cant, and i give them absolutley no respect or room on the roads.
      F**kin’ idiots the lot of them…..

      1. Gutter Watcher

        “i give them absolutley no respect or room on the roads.”

        As another motorist you’re exactly the reason that cyclists hate us.

        You’re driving a one tonne vehicle at speed. If you hit them or make a mistake, they die. So grow the f**k up and get some sense.

        1. sammy sausages

          Im not driving any one tonne vehicle at them…..fu*kin stupid comment.

          funny how 99% of the comments on this aritcle are all the same and we all agree with each other…….and that is :
          cyclists = as$holes.
          And thats the end of that!

          1. Pretengineer

            Sounds like it’s you that’s the arsehole. Cyclists have as much right to use the road as you. Some are dicks sure, but so are some motorists. Get over yourself and grow up.

          2. Sham Bob

            If you want cyclists to behave exactly as if they were driving cars you’ll have to accept them occupying a whole lane, and you following them. I don’t think you’d like that.

      2. George W.Bush

        ‘Well the cant, and i give them absolutley no respect or room on the roads.’

        Your probably one of the reasons why there is approximately 10+ cyclists killed every year on the road………..sound

        As a cyclist and a motorist I can see both points of view. However in this video the woman is clearly in the wrong regardless of how whinny and annoying the cyclist is.

        1. sammy sausages

          bollix to that…..
          Why cant cyclists just move over….they dont need the full width of the road…..
          THats the point…they never give anyone else room…..
          Im on a motorbike every day and cyclists are in the bus lane – no problem there – but they just pass each other out – two or three abreast – with outlooking behind them…constantly weaving left and right in the lane…..never looking behind them to see if a car or bus is there…..absolute no respect for others… they just expect everyone in the world to get out of their way! – f’kin idiots.
          And no – i have never knocked one down or caused an accident in my life…so your assumptions are up your ass there.
          The reason 10+ cyclists are killed each year is mainly down to them not wearing helmets and not cycling by the rules of the road – ie jumping red lights and swerving all over the road…..only themselves to blame.

          1. Gutter Watcher

            Yeah, people really deserve to die for swerving all over the road.

            It’s the only way they’ll learn.


          2. sammy sausages

            droid and gutter watcher are obviously cyclists….and qeers…
            That is all…

          3. Joxer

            ah Sammy sausages – you are a card… did you mean to call droid and gutter watcher Queers?

            I think you must be about 13 or 14?

          4. Stapler

            I see plenty of motorbike users swerve in between cars at red lights to try and edge ahead. As well as undertaking.

          5. MandyWarhol

            If cyclists take up space on the road it’s cos cars come so close to them. I was hit by a bloody mirror a few years ago in Dublin and ended up in A&E. Grow up and stop being such a jerk.


      Is this what they mean when they say women make false claims about rape or domestic violence? I just can’t believe it. He must have put those words in her mouth

    4. ic41

      There really is no need for the cyclist to be that angry. he’s mouthin off non stop obviously very very angry-no control at all and not even giving her a chance to say sorry. if you come onto a situation like that and get so angry so quickly you are most likely to get an eqaully angry or negative reaction. the guys a jerk.

      1. Steve

        Say sorry? She had plenty of chance to be sorry by moving her car. Instead she bullied him by refusing to move her bigger car. He was a bit of a pain in the arse it has to be said, but was fully on the right here IMO. That woman was crazy too…

  1. Jeff Black

    I’d like to say this happens all the time…but the person in the car is clearly unhinged.

    1. Alan

      This isn’t a cycling issue, it’s bad driving (with an added dollop of nuttyness). Replace the cyclist with a motorbike or car and now you have a person in a jeep trying to force their way past on the wrong side of the road. Did she expect all oncoming traffic with right of way to reveres onto a main road for her?

      1. Gutter Watcher

        I’m no fan of cycle couriers and other asshole cyclists but in this instance the cyclist was completely (and legally) in the right.

        Happens all the time on that road. I’ve lost count of the number of times you turn onto it and it’s blocked by a taxi or other cretin who, instead of waiting behind the line of parked cars, has decided to wait in the middle of the wrong lane.

        Irish motorists in general are half wits. Especially in the morning. Your job isn’t that fucking important that it’s worth risking mine and other road users lives for.

      2. IDB

        True, this happens all the time when cyclists aren’t involved. It’s just that usually drivers in the right just tut to themselves and drivers in the wrong just continue on oblivious.

    2. Stiegl

      You never know what people are going through in their daily lives.. we come across these seemingly rational confrontations where someone is wrong and someone is right. bla bla, people make mistakes and there’s such a thing as courtesy on the road too. This cyclist was just looking for a row, he felt great about it, high moral ground bullshift.

      99% of the time I side with cyclists when it comes to confrontations on the road, but in this case this gobo has gone out and bought a fancy helmet-cam just to get in a maky-uppy row with some stressed out commuters.

      Just be courteous, accept that people make mistakes, don’t gloat about it and don’t buy a frigging special camera just to show people how right you are on a daily basis.

      1. IDB

        Yeah, the cyclist overreacted. But so did the driver. Everyone makes mistakes, but in this case neither seemed to want to admit it!

        I try to be courteous and accept that people make mistakes, but sometimes I wish that people would realise that what they’re doing is wrong!!

        When I do something stupid and get beeped at, I get embarrassed, some people can’t accept they’re wrong and get angry!

        1. Mick

          OK, after seeing the other videos he posts on youtube on his channel, I have come to the conclusion that he’s only doing this because he enjoys confrontation, what a sad man.

          1. TFizz

            He does what he does to highlight how cyclists are treated on the road. If you are constantly treated like a 2nd class citizen you tend to become a bit defensive…its not unlike any arbitrary persecution.

  2. Rob_G

    “I’m a woman on my own, stop threatening me!”

    What an unpleasant manipulative woman; I hope that all of her friends and neighbours see this.

    1. The Citizen

      Where does the “I’m a woman on my own!” come from.

      Is that a thing??

      Bet the cyclist went on his way thinking that the money he spent on his go-pro was finally justified…. No better feeling!

      1. IDB

        Women are weak and vulnerable. I don’t know how she was allowed out on her own. Where is the husband in all of this- he’s the one to blame here I feel.

    2. Atticus

      I thought it was a brilliant repsonse in fairness. Guy was being a dick. He was looking for an argument.

  3. delacaravanio

    “You’re threaatening meeee! I’m a woooman on my eooown!”

    And this after she nearly tried to run that man down by driving on the wrong side of the road.

    What a psychotic thing to do.

    1. scottser

      and the ‘what on earth are you doing spouting common sense on BS’ award goes to Patsy8.

      well played (applause)

  4. Odockatee

    Hello lamppost, what cha knowing?
    I’ve come to watch your flowers growing.
    Ain’t cha got no rhymes for me?
    Doot-in’ doo-doo,
    Feelin’ groovy.

  5. Stapler

    Wow. And cyclists should stay in our lanes you say? I see why now. I feel sorry for this woman though. We can say shes crackers all we want but she needs help. Not a healthy reaction to the dude to play a my gender is the weaker gender card.

    1. IDB

      Yeah, unless she was genuinely frightened? But she should have just drove off and told her friends about the maniac cyclist who nearly cycled into her today.
      That’s what we all do- it’s always the other guys fault!

      1. Sidewinder

        If she was genuinely frightened she wouldn’t have opened her car door to scream at the guy.

  6. Pedanto

    I’m going to be saying that all day now.

    What makes it particularly bad is what she presumably hoped would happen. Some burly avenger would pile out his car and deck the cyclist for threatening her with God knows what. Nasty stuff.

  7. flemzer

    She clearly does not know the rules of the road

    Delighted I watched this though I feel really riled up in work now!!!

    1. Harold

      She didn’t even know how to open the window, how do you expect her to know the rules of the road?

  8. Laura

    Oh god I’m a woman on my own. Help me! In the name of Simone de Beauvoir! Help me! – As a cyclist AND a woman (yeah I know, wow right?) this is a very bad start to the day.

  9. Chickenhead

    This guy was in the right in this case, but did he have the camera on for the previous 43km? And was this the best he got?

  10. VictorRomeo

    You would be amazed at how often this happens me when in my car. What I mean is the amount of motorists who have no notion of right of way when their lane is or side of the road is blocked is astonishing.

    This female motorist is in the wrong and is phuckjng nuts. She then tries to manipulate a situation where she cries wolf and claims she’s a single woman needing help from an intimidating threat that was absolutely not made.

    Stupid woman.

    1. IDB

      + a billion.
      This happens ALL THE TIME on the South Circular Road. Especially when buses pull in to bus stops.

      People are eejits. Including me, I have to admit.

    1. ahherenow

      the way he says ”yeeeeeeah, bit tight isn’t it?” to the pretty girl is a bit pervy geography teacher…

      yer wan in the jeep was in the wrong though.

      1. lolly

        sorry but that is your dirty mind. i bet you get a little thrill every time a female shop assistant tells you to put it in (your laser card)

      1. Anne

        That cyclist is fruitier than the ‘woman on her own’.
        He’s going around and around that roundabout, swerving all over the road, filming the ‘yield to cyclists’ sign on the road, hoping for a bit of trouble.

        He’ll bump into a bigger lunatic on the road one of the days, and his career in filming will be cut abruptly short.

        I think the woman on her own probably felt threatened.
        Unless he’s a total idiot, which is a strong possibility, he wouldn’t talk the same way to a big burly cross lookin’ fella.

        He’ll find the trouble he’s looking for if he keeps it up.

  11. Joe Malone

    Cyclist is a tool and more than willing to meet trouble half way – this was a non event until 2 unreasonable people started to engage. Should have just gone around the motorist but instead had to engage with the motorist, intent on getting something good to post on youtube. Its a bit like that Buzz cretin who couldn’t resist the opportunity to meet trouble. Cyclist – I will keep tuned for footage of you getting a pasting for yourself.
    Oh, and proof that the cyclist is a tool – he’s using a helmet cam – every single one of them are tools dying to engage with motorists and post on youtube

      1. Chris

        the only places he could have gone were a) onto the footpath, which is illegal – and he’d have got a roasting from the bike-haters – or b) onto the right hand side of the road – when the bike-haters would have accused him of swerving all over the road, and not kkeping to his lane…


        1. smoothlikemurphys

          Funny how cyclists don’t usually have that same train of thought when mounting the footpath when it suits them though

          1. Sidewinder

            You can’t tar all cyclists with the same brush. Assuming this guy uses the path because he’s a cyclist is absurd.

    1. Donal

      i agree that he didnt exactly try to calm things down – he is clearly looking for cases where motorists are wring and not doing the simple thing and going around so that he has a nice clip for youtube. By the time they had stopped there doesnt seem to have been much room for her to swing over to her left as they were nearly level with the parked car….

      BUT here he only had 2 options – footpath or the wrong side of the road – and if the driver behind is in the correct lane then he is head on to him and has to swerve back again so that is hardly a perfect solution.

      Her reaction was idiotic but he wont get far with the courts as he did use abusive language twice (f*cking and a$$hole) – rookie move on his part but gives her a response

    2. Rod

      A tool is someone who decides to always ignore those who are breaking the laws which most of us abide by, or those acting like a jerk. The helmet cams make the world a safer place, only a tool wouldn’t understand that.

      1. Joe Malone

        No. A tool is the cyclist in the video. His obvious motivation for using the helmet cam is to get into confrontations and post same on youtube – a tool!

        1. Paulus

          Sometimes someone can be a tool and be in the right at the same time.
          (shrugs) It happens.

        2. Stapler

          Ever been knocked clean off your bike Joe and have the driver drive off in full knowledge of what they’ve done? Classifies as hit and run I believe.

          Say what you want about this guys helmet cam but when it comes to your safety, calling someone a tool is a bit Irish. Regardless of his motives here.

          1. Nessy

            Couldn’t agree more Stapler! I was knocked off my bike one morning by A Dublin City Council van. They guy stopped, looked out his door at me, saw me wriggling in pain and drove off! So what if the cyclist is a tool with a headcam, he’s 100% right and commend him for putting the video up highlighting the lunacy of drivers who think they own the roads

          2. Sidewinder

            Agreed. I’ve got four friends who were hit by drivers who simply drove off. One was hit by a bus after being knocked off his bike by a woman who reversed back over his bike to get away. She got off free and clear while he spent three days in hospital, if he’d had a helmet cam it may have caught her reg number.

            And yes, it was definitely her fault. He was in a bicycle lane and she turned left without indicating or checking her mirror.

        3. Rod

          If only you realised the amount of dangerous drivers on the roads then you might understand why its becoming necessary, if the drivers don’t driver like tools then they have nothing to worry about. Same as CCTV.

    3. Bobby's Hands

      This. Cyclist is a twat waiting for something like this to happen for the camera. Who points their finger in a ladies face? Even if she is slightly on the wrong side of the road due to a parked car on her side. Then he blames her for the backup of traffic??He has annoyed me now. Ar$€h0le!

      1. Pedanto

        Someone should tell Bobby what his hands are up to while his brain is still in the shower.

      2. Sidewinder

        Slightly? There isn’t room for him to pass her on the left side of the road. She is as far over as she can get without hitting the curb!

    4. Kragor

      See where you’re coming from and he should’ve just gone up on the path and around. I know that’s not in the rules/laws of the road but this engagement could easily have been avoided.

      I’ve lost my rag a couple of times at motorists when I’ve narrowly avoided been killed but it just descends into a screaming match of learn how to drive and you don’t pay (motor) tax.

      Remember to assume that every other road user is a trained monkey and you’ll be wary and attentive to their moves.
      It also negates the rage that builds up

  12. Brendan

    Cyclists what a shower of tree loving clowns. No right to be on the road until they start paying road tax.

    1. Rod

      how many potholes and damage to the roads do you think is caused by cyclists? Oh you are aware aren’t you that there is no such thing as road tax? Motor tax yes. So please explain.

    2. Sidewinder

      Yeah! Same for pedestrians! Don’t you assholes cross the road til you path or road tax!

      It might be news to you that the aim of road tax is not for us to somehow buy permission to use the road. It’s to fund maintenance of roads and associated services, the need for which is overwhelmingly due to cars not cyclists.

      The woman is in the wrong here. She is not following the rules of the road.

      Also “Help me I’m a woman on my own”? Cheers love, the sisterhood thanks you for that one. Wagon.

    3. Pidge

      There’s no such thing as road tax in Ireland, and there never has been. It was abolished in the UK in the 1930s. So you can drop that line.

      What you’re probably thinking of is motor tax, which is not set aside for roads, and is used as with any other form of tax. Roads are paid for by general taxation, which cyclists pay for in VAT on their bike, other products and services, and the whole range of other taxes we all pay.

      1. Jay

        motor tax yeah we know – you can drop that as well…. Cyclist is wrong in this for the simple reason that there was no need to start a rant like this. The woman is obviously on the wrong side but did so because car were parked on the right lane, decency would be for her to move to the right a bit but since she wasn’t doing so the cyclist could have just use the footpath (which he does to go and rant some more).

        When faced with stupidity (the woman) reason would have it to ignore it.

        1. Pidge

          Yeah, he’s a bit hostile, but it’s not a matter of courtesy for her to move to the right, it’s a legal requirement. The obstacle is on her side of the road, not his.

        2. Sidewinder

          And then get criticised by all the other bicycle hating motorists for using the path. Mate this woman will reconsider next time she thinks she has right of way over other road users just because they’re not in a car.

        3. Stapler

          How many times do you think this or something like it has happened on that journey alone? There’s only so much ignorance you can put up with before you get fed up.

    4. DaveG

      1. As said earlier, there is no such thing as road tax, there is motor tax.

      2. Motor tax used to be based on the engine size of the vehicle, now it is based on the emissions of that vehicle. Bicycles have no engines, and hence no emissions, so therefore are exempt.

      3. 1 and 2 are mute points anyway as motor tax is all dumped into the Revenues pot with income, corporation, VAT, alcohol tax etc. Motor tax or revenue from toll boths are NOT ring fenced for road infrastructure. Road and motorway infrastructure is attained via budgeting, and is ultimitly on a per need basis.

      4. Cyclists cause considerable less damage to infrastructure than any motorised vehicle, both by general wear and tear (pot holes) and by accidents (knocked walls, smashed bus stations, deaths), and an increase in cycling activity forecs the local authorities to re-design the infrastructure in a hope to segregate pedestrian, cycling and motor traffic, which usually (not always mind) results in improved traffic flow and safer roads for all.

      5. Also, even though this study relates to London, I think it wouldn’t be beyong reasonable to say you might find similar result in Irish cities, but this study shows that commuter cyclists enjoy a higher mean income compared to non cyclists, http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/analysis-of-cycling-potential.pdf.pdf (Page 30), therfore paying higer income tax, which contribues more to the infrastructure.

      So the next time I have a confrontation with a cab driver or driver commuter on my bike, I have the right to tell him to “get the fu@k off MY road” :-)

  13. Joe835

    *this is my own personal opinion and does not represent nor purport to be the opinion of my employer*

    The cyclist is 100% in the right; this street is two-way, the obstruction (parked car on the right) was on her side and she was obliged to keep to the left and concede the right of way to oncoming traffic, including bicycles.

    Motorists complain about cyclists because they think cyclists ignore the rules of the road and don’t see themselves as road users in the same way those in vehicles do. And yes, cyclists do have obligations like waiting at red lights etc. that are all too often ignored.

    But that said, this person is a perfect example of a motorist that doesn’t see cyclists in the same context as other road users. If a car came towards her, I have no doubt she would have adopted the correct strategy – pull in to the left and wait for the oncoming traffic to pass. But she didn’t see this cyclist as traffic, just an annoyance that needed to be shown who’s boss.

    So I hope this story is highlighted in the media so more motorists become aware of just how badly she handled that situation.

    1. mickmick

      “The cyclist is 100% in the right; this street is two-way, the obstruction (parked car on the right) was on her side and she was obliged to keep to the left and concede the right of way to oncoming traffic, including bicycles.”
      +1. It was shit driving.

      “So I hope this story is highlighted in the media so more motorists become aware of just how badly she handled that situation.”
      -1. The internet is fast becoming a 21st Century pillory. Let the Garda handle the motoring side of it and forget the rest.

  14. martydot

    while the cyclist is in the right in this situation dublin is an old city and not made for the volume of traffic it has to deal with cycle lanes are a joke,i am just curious do cyclists turn off there cameras when they go through red lights

    1. Sidewinder

      Cycle lanes in areas such as the ones you mention have broken white lines to allow for a volume of traffic the road can’t really handle. Broken white line means traffic can cross into the bicycle pane if necessary, if indeed there is a bicycle lane which there isn’t here.

    2. Sheila

      You make the assumption all cyclists go through red lights.

      I doubt anyone who dons a camera to capture bad roads users breaks red lights or other rules of the road themselves.

    3. martco

      oh don’t get me started etc.

      in all fairness martydot it doesn’t matter a fck how young or old Dublin is. there are basic rules of the road to stick to…lines or no lines he has right of way. it’s not rocket science. sure, it’s frustrating if u get caught behind a parked car and have to wait for the oncoming traffic to pass before you move around but that’s life and you take a calm pill and wait like you’re supposed to. I guarantee yer one would have done the same even if that chap had been in a car….you see they think it’s alright to force you to go up onto the footpath so they can have their yard of space each side of their motor….I see it increasingly…impatient gobshites who think it’s ok to pull out in front of you…ah shure they won’t mind, fck ’em attitude. or maybe a genuine lack of education who knows. but if that situatiuon had been slightly different that chap would have been in A&E whilst Maureen there would have been on the phone panicking for a solicitor

      and not to get into the sexist thing but Maureen there does the classic hits sneaky conniving (stop bullying me I’m just a little girl) reaction that almost ALL women in my experience do when they are in the wrong in a motoring scenario….instead of taking a calm pill and acting like she normally would if she accidentally bumped into you on the footpath outside the shops where you both smile and apologise and get on with it….something BAD happens to both men and women when they are snug and encapsulated insdide a motor…it’s disgusting

      1. Anne

        “but Maureen there does the classic hits sneaky conniving (stop bullying me I’m just a little girl) reaction that almost ALL women in my experience do when they are in the wrong in a motoring scenario”

        As a woman on my own, I think in this scenario, I would blast up the radio put my fingers to my ears, to signal to the cyclist that I couldn’t hear him.
        And smile. And signal for him to move around to the right..
        I would not talk to him at all, as a woman on my own.
        He could be a lunatic on a bike for all I know.

  15. Joe Malone

    So I guess the lesson here is if you get into a manufactured situation with one of these cyclists make sure to remove his lid and delete the footage if tempted to administer the smack he’s crying out for

  16. martco

    happens to me all the time….and I mean when I’M DRIVING too!

    dunno what the craic is but something’s defo happened in the last 5 years or so whereby a breed of utter gobshites have un-learned the really basic rules of the road like right of way, what the lines on the road are menat to do oh yeah and what ARE those flashy orange yokes on the side of the car for anyway? etc.

    fair play to yer man for not taking prisoners and I hope hope hope that some interested guard can take this footage and do her bigtime….also the twat in the silver 05-L-?31 Almera behind the taxi at the junction WTF??

  17. Al

    cyclists are never ever in the right, especially the spandex clad assholes, they should be happy they are tolerated on the roads and not mowed down with the contempt they deserve

      1. Sidewinder

        It someone who got their license in the days when you filled out a form and never had to learn the rules of the road?

      2. Sidewinder

        Or someone who got their license in the days when you filled out a form and never had to learn the rules of the road?

          1. gerrys30klasertherapist

            You’ll never pass your test if you keep missing those (full) STOPs!
            Oh, another thing, your question mark(?) indicator seems to be defective also.

    1. Rod

      good man, better to have more people getting fat in their cars, polluting your air and choking the world and the health service, that’s real forward thinking of you.

      1. Al

        both choke up the health service, the drivers because they get fat in the cars and the cyclists suffering from side effects of the copious amount of steroids that they take

    1. Pidge

      Cycling around to the right is dangerous. Cycling around up onto the kerb on the left is (a) illegal, (b) difficult if you’re on a racer and (c) not his job in this situation.

      1. medieval knievel

        plus, you’d be having motorists whingeing about cyclists using the footpath illegally then.

    2. Joe835

      Should cars do the same? I’m all for cyclists being treated the same as any other road user; that means no breaking lights or mounting footpaths but equally, that motorists treat them as they would any other road user.

    3. Bruno Guedes

      You are the prick, to live in society we have rules to follow, you must be one of those stupid drivers.

      1. dhaughton99

        No, Im a cyclist. 12 miles in and out to the city centre, but theres no need to be an AHole to people like her coz she’s in the wrong. Fair enough, vent spleen but dont be a pr1ck about it. Cyclists have it bad enough without making other people feel like sh1t coz of a mistake.

        1. Sidewinder

          It was a mistake she could have rectified though, but she refused because he’s a cyclist, claiming he was “in the middle of the road” which is genuinely laughable when she was on the total opposite side of the road to the one she should be on.

          The cyclist had no problem with all the other people who had pulled out to avoid the parked cars because they left room for him, she refused to do that.

    4. Rod

      So more breaking of the law and giving people the fingers is the right way to deal with these scenarios?

      How in the name of god were you ever the fastest sperm at one time in history?

      1. Johnny Bravo

        The fastest sperm is the first to die as it, and the other sperm, destroy the egg walls.

        Then the lazy last sperm goes and fertilises the egg, eventually becoming a delusional, manipulative and psychotic woman driving an SUV.

  18. Bruno Guedes

    And for her the cyclist was in the middle of the road, i don’t understand how some people can get driving licence,
    Well done cyclist.

  19. Kevin

    There has been a brain fade among some drivers of late. ‘There is an obstruction on my side of the road. I will indicate and go round. Indicating gives me right of way so anyone coming in the opposite direction has to wait’. I have this a lot lately.

    As for the video, the cyclist did not come across as the nicest guy but any bad feeling I had toward him vanished when the driver started the ‘You are threatening me!!! I am a woman on my own’ crap. Trying to shame him out of the situation because she knew was in the wrong at best. At worst, she was hoping he would get a hiding.

  20. Am I still on This Island

    Similar problems on Hanover Street East as you turn right from the Grand Canal Theatre side, Parking on the drivers right and everyone that should be in the lane with parking is on the wrong side of the road and refuse to give right of way to oncoming traffic, Every day all day! It is a great example of stupidity on Irish roads. From the Driver behaviour to the stupid location of parking bays by DCC

    1. gerrys30klasertherapist

      Making this particular road a one-way would solve the majority of the traffic and driver problems experienced here daily.
      I know, it’s too simple a solution to be acted upon.
      Maybe I should get onto Finian McGrath or George Hooker nuts about it?

  21. John

    Poor Lollypop Woman , she was only rushing to get to School in time for the Kids crossing .

    1. Sharon

      ONE , TWO , THREE , FOUR , FIVE , SIX , SEVEN ……..
      Reeememmmberrrrrr ONE Look for a safe place ,
      TWO don’t hurry stop and wait ,
      THREE look all around uuuuuu ………

  22. Scatman John

    I’d half expected her to stop, drop and roll at some point after screaming for help.

  23. Miles O'Tool

    “This is Ireland!” – obviously racist in assuming the person doesn’t come from Ireland. The profanities didn’t help the situation.

    “I wasn’t suffering fools lightly” – is this an insult to the intellectually challenged as well?

    The driver was totally in the wrong but sure she was probably finishing her make-up and didn’t spot the intolerant racist, sexist who hates the handicapped.

    Allowances should be made for the lady. The cyclist is crying out for counselling!

    1. Mick Flavin

      I think you may need to have a carbon monoxide detector fitted in the room in which you are sitting.

    2. Joe835

      I took his “this is Ireland” comment as a reference to the fact that the motorist was keeping to the right, not to the left as all motorists are obliged to in Ireland.

  24. Emmet

    In fairness she was wearing a hi viz vest and had a spare one on the back of her seat !!

  25. Big_G

    One of the most annoying things in the world is people ignoring the fact that the obstruction is on their side of the road and they must yield. Followed closely by militant cyclists.

    1. Rod

      why do you think he is militant? If he was driving a car and prompted her to move to her side of the road would you still see that as militant?

        1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

          His video channel proves that he needs to have the helmet camera to protect himself from bad drivers.

          Plenty of Russian drivers and drivers in other countries have similar cameras. Are they all militant or just early adopters?

          1. rotide

            Russians have cameras to prevent insurance scams.

            This guy is just an argumentative prick.

    2. Brendan

      Here Here Big G. We should round up all the cyclists in the capital and deport them to Leitrim.

  26. Conski

    it’s great the way mad people just cut straight through all the rationale and logic that the rest of us live with

  27. Blobster

    Cyclist is clearly in the right here. regarding the rules of the road. Drivers driving and reaction when challenged is baffling. In saying that, the cyclist doesn’t help calm matters.

    1. Rod

      He done all that he could, he pointed out the problem in a calm manner, she refused to engage in an intelligent discussion about it or even attempt to sort things out and chose to throw a wobbler instead.

      1. Sidewinder

        She definitely threw a wobbler but the cyclist cannot be said to have been calm. He was swearing straight off the bat and I suspect from his tone of voice that his facial expression was not that of the Buddha.

        1. Steve

          he says he is into his 43rd km – probably over a 2-3 hour cycle at that point. i dont know the chap’s fitness but unless he is a pro he is probably feeling it. a few curse words aimed at someone who didnt wait behind a parked car, as per rules of the road, until the cyclist passed by is totally legit IMO.

          I cycle and drive – and he is completely in the right. Fair play buddy.

          BTW: http://www.rulesoftheroad.ie/respecting-other-road-users/index.html

          The vehicle does not have greater right-of-way than any other road user, so, for safety reasons, you should drive defensively. This means expecting the unexpected and making way for other road users when necessary.

          1. halcyon days

            How physically or mentally tired you are, how late you are, the shit you got from your boss/client in work today, that your partner didn’t go down on you this morning.
            All of these can explain an overly grumpy or agressive response from an individual to an unrelated scenario, but they don’t make it right.
            From wither cyclists or motorists.

          1. Steve

            “All of these can explain an overly grumpy or agressive response from an individual to an unrelated scenario, but they don’t make it right”.

            You dont make sense – what “unrelated scenario” are you talking about?

  28. Bruce

    Why does he have to be so pedantic and aggressive, maybe he should just cool down and realise that both drivers and cyclists are people, and therefore a large percentage are idiots. Cool yourself down lad there’s bigger fish to fry in the world. I bet this lad was the type to be having arguments with religion teachers when everyone else just knew it was bullshit and didn’t go to class. I know the driver was definitely in the wrong but after viewing his youtube channel I can see that he is clearly a bit mad, get over it and grow a real problem “Fintan” (id imagine hes named something like this).


    What a stupid stupid driver. So many people clearly don’t know the rules of the road. The driver doesn’t speak one single word of sense, not one.
    I’m so glad to see this posted.

  30. Hello you!

    I think the woman’s reaction is disgraceful… shouting for help… wtf is that about seriously? could she not apologise and move?? she does know what side of the road she is supposed to drive on, right?

  31. Hicksonian

    Coolest cat in town delivering the righteous truth at the end was my favorite moment. “Good on ya man”

  32. Dave

    OK as a road and town cyclist the vast majority of road users are grand but you always get the plebs who are just like “Oh you are doing 15km and hour? Sure you can stop on a sixpence! Hold on there till I pull across in front of you!”

    Helmet cams annoy me though! Looking for trouble so I can post it on youtube and show the world how wrong I was!

    As for her, should be easily identified as how many women wear hi-vis jackets to work?

    1. Sidewinder

      I disagree with this “looking for trouble” business. The helmet can doesn’t provoke anyone into doing anything. I mean the guy does seem to get some relish out of showing up these people but the camera isn’t responsible for her behaviour.

  33. Rompsky

    I would have just sat in the middle of the road and waited for her to pull over for however long it took

    1. Mikeyfex

      So, similar to the knob on the bike in the video you’d much rather exacerbate the problem caused obviously by the driver than just get on with your life? I know there’s a point to be made when it comes to bad driving but it can be done without being so dramatic and attention seeking.

  34. Serv

    Love her “you’re in the middle of the road”. As opposed to her driving on the wrongside of the road.

  35. phillyg


    1. Mikeyfex

      I thought she had already made the move to overtake the parked car too but I re-watched the video there and she definitely had plenty time to pull in, and she should have done. I would agree that the guy’s a bit of a knob though, for the helmet cam alone.

    2. Serv

      Yeh, your understanding of the rules of the road is as poor as your understanding of the rules of typing.

      It doesn’t matter when she ‘made the move’, the point is she was obliged to yield to oncoming traffic as the cars were parked on her side of the road. She was only entitled to move out when the road was clear, which it clearly wasn’t given yer man cycling down the road towards her.

      1. Jay

        There’s rules and then common sense. A quick analysis and its clear the cyclist should just go either left or right of the car instead of wasting his time and all the car behind. No matter how right he is

    3. halcyon days

      Not his fault she’s blind then, he wasn’t exactly kilometres away.
      If she’s as blind as you suggest she should be on the road anyhow.
      Maybe she thought his pointing finder was a knife.

  36. frank

    Primarily she is in the the wrong. Second of all, EVERYBODY should have helmet cams, dash cams, shoulder cams, doggie cams whatever. In mother Russia the insurance fraud situation is so bad it’s almost ubiquitous. PROVE that you’re right and show the world and we will laugh, oh how we will laugh. And make billions of internet rubles.

  37. edalicious

    Good on you Mr. Cyclist. He does come across as a bit of a tool but somebody has to look a tool for the rest of us.

  38. Fat Frog

    I am embarrassed for my sex. I have heard that women resort to this shit but it is hard to believe until you see it with your own eyes. Playing that “help, he’s abusing me” card in this way undermines women who genuinely call abuse. A case of the girl/woman who cried wolf?

  39. BB

    I actually would have held with the motorist until she started pulling that crap. This is probably largely down to the fact that the only thing that eclipses my massive prejudice against cyclists is my massive prejudice against raving lunatics.

  40. Captain Obvious

    Obstruction was on her side of the road, she should have stopped and waited for cyclist to pass. She didn’t give a damn as she saw it was ‘just’ a cyclist.
    There is no such thing as road tax, the tax is on the motor in your car / truck etc…that is why the engine size is a criteria in the tax price.
    The hysterics from the woman were ridiculous.

  41. Eoin

    Took a brief look at this guys YouTube channel. He is a miserable aul sod. He makes videos of issues with cycling in Dublin and actively seeks out agro to prove his point. He must be very unhappy in other aspects of his life. Yes she was in the wrong, but he wants to make it the centrepiece of his life with his video camera. I cycled through Dublin to work many times before; you need to adapt. There was a soft kerb to your left, I would have hopped on the kerb. Take a chill pill mate and all this tension would have been avoided.

  42. Brick Tamlin

    Cyclist is 100% right here. Driver was on the wrong side of the road BUT I also dont think she did it on purpose, I think she had committed to overtaking the parked car before she saw the cyclist and when she did see him she then stopped.

    It was the cyclist who completely unnecessarily began acting in an aggressive manner and judging by the videos on his youtube page its not the first time either. In saying that the driver acted appallingly once she started as well.

    I always find it strange how people can get into screaming matches from the seat of their bikes or cars for something like this yet if they were walking and someone got in their way they would more than likely say “Oh, excuse me” and be on their way.

    When are people going to realise that not all cyclists carelessly break the rules of the road and not all drivers want to knock cyclists off their bikes. We need to start respecting each others rights to use the roads, this us against them mentality is getting worse and worse.

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      “and when she did see him she then stopped.”

      Perhaps, she should have moved over, to give him enough room to pass, rather than stopping.

      1. Brick Tamlin

        Perhaps she should have indeed.
        Perhaps she may have if she had seen the cyclists in time.
        Perhaps she did see the cyclist but didnt care.
        Perhaps she might have tried to reverse if there was no cars behind her.
        Perhaps the cyclist should not have been so unnecessarily aggressive.
        Perhaps the driver should not have tried to act like such a manipulative nutjob

        Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

        Perhaps someone should re-read my post as well

        1. Sidewinder

          She had plenty of room to pull over so he could pass. That’s what he was waiting for and instead she just sat there.

  43. Marc

    Very similar scenario to the incident in Bath, England, last year when a business woman, Sarah Duncan, who is Irish but living in Bath, England. She was recorded by a passerby as she blocked traffic, whilst waiting to enter a roadway. on noticing the pedestrian recording her, she followed him, and stated that unless he deleted the footage, she would say that he had assaulted her, which he never had. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABZ7ttODAmM (Threat is made at 3:07 approx). She apparently received death threats from members of the public subsequent to this video clip being released, and her business has since closed down. (I fully agree that the cyclist is correct in this incident… it’s very clear to see that rather than, wait and give way to the oncoming cyclist, the female driver drove on the incorrect side of the road, and failed to give way). It’s a recurring theme among drivers in Ireland.

    1. Fill3rup

      her business closed down apparantly because she was a rude and erratic individual who treated her customers with no manners.
      She shouldnt have got death threats but her behaviour was inexcusable..

  44. Oscar

    Is this the same dude from last years cycling videos. He is a complete knob and yes I am a cyclist!

  45. James M. Chimney

    Don’t get knarked get knarly. Raised on Junior QuickStart, I would of dropped a few gears and cycled up her bumper on to her bonnet and bunnyhopped on her roof for 30 seconds or so. My dismount, a graceful 720.

  46. Father Filth

    They’re both rather unpleasant. But his language, it really really does him no favours.

    If I was female, facing asomeone animated and cursing person like that, I’d feel somewhat, ‘at risk’. Why hold back.

  47. zero6

    Fair play to this guy for actually standing up for cyclists. Anyone who cycles regularly knows that a proportion of motorists in Ireland habitually harass and bully people on bikes, forcing them into dangerous and/or illegal actions, or to dismount. Likewise anyone who has ever confronted a motorist about this will know that a common reaction is to use their vehicle to intimidate the cyclist. The level of hostility to cyclists on Irish roads is embarrassing and disgusting when you see how other places in Europe respect and promote cycling as a valid and important mode of transport.

    1. Van

      As a pedestrian and a motorist, are you having a laugh. EVERY single day, I am nearly knocked down by cyclists breaking the lights at pedestrian crossings. Waterloo Road, Lansdowne Road and Merrion Road being the worst offensive areas on my walking journey.

      So let’s not all paint a picture that the two wheelers are some persecuted lot.

      1. zero6

        As a cyclist, a pedestrian, and a motorist, I am most certainly not having a laugh – Because my life has been purposely endangered by hostile motorists numerous times, while cycling in full accordance with the rules of the road, and there is a culture of such aggressive driving on Irish roads.

        1. Van

          Give up the bike, its getting you nowhere.

          It seems you have found another mode of transport though, a soap box.

      2. droid

        Fascinating. Ive been walking around Dublin for decades and never once been ‘nearly knocked down’ by a cyclist.

        Maybe they deliberately target shitehawks?

        1. AmeliaBedelia

          I must be a terrible ‘shitehawk’ as I’ve been knocked down twice by cyclists in Dublin, on Leeson Street and at the corner of the old library building in TCD. Traumatic, but would have been worse if it was an artic. Anyway, nobody should be targeting anyone, why can’t we all just get along?

    2. Praetorian.

      Hmmm……In other European countries they cycle with a brain for the rules of the road,respect for other road users and pedestrians.
      Unlike the phuck holes here……they deserve every bit of grief they get.

      1. zero6

        No one ‘deserves’ to have their life endangered, to be run off the road, forced into dangerous manoeuvres, struck by vehicles, harassed and intimidated. The fact that some cyclists are reckless does not give you the right to behave aggressively towards all cyclists.

        1. Praetorian.

          I do not behave aggressive towards them,but i most certainly understand the hostility towards cyclists.
          Headphones in,blinkers on……they dont give a damn whose around them.Up the inside of HGV’s,weaving in and out of lanes,wrong way along one way streets,breaking red lights,along footpaths,two-three abreast having a chat……
          Hard to have symphaty for the phuckers really.

          1. Mick Flavin

            There’s not much point in engaging in debate with someone who’s referring to the people on the other side as “phuckers”…

        2. Van

          I would actually never behave aggressively towards a cyclist out of pure frustration for many of their compadres bad manners!

          That would be a fuelling the cycle …pardon the pun!

  48. Paul

    Let’s not forget she also pulled the,

    “I’m a woman on my own” defense to get out of the situation.

    That’s shameful and it weakens attempts by women who are legitimately threatened in situations like this.

  49. Van

    I think she’s hilarious, I assume there will be a “zip up your mickie”, style remix of this soon.

    She probs could take a lesson in the rule of the road though.

    …why would you bother getting so absolutely riled up over this incident. Would it not be more appropriate to politely rather than swear aggressively at her and ask that she should move to the left. Would more than likely have had a better response and an apology.

    Cyclist is in the right, of course but to go about it in such a way is just unecessary!

  50. diddy

    Pulling out of side roads without due care or dillegence for cyclists.

    turning left without looking in mirror for cyclists.

    pulling out on to main road in general without looking for cyclists/ morotrcyclists..

    WOMEN DRIVERS! almost every time

  51. Colin

    Not taking sides but posting the reg in the video title is a bit much.

    Would the cyclist object if someone waited to snap a photo of their face tomorrow? If your willing to put someone’s reg and unblurred face on YouTube, and subsequently allow it to be posted publicly, you should have the decency to show your own face.

  52. Bingo

    Aye, motorist is completely wrong and acts in a deplorable manner when she realises she’s lost the argument. Cringe.

    Some people on this wonderful thread have suggested passing the issue over to the fantastic Gardai, and forgetting about it.

    However, has anybody ever had any success in reporting traffic violations to the five-0?

    I was cycling along a road in Dublin a few months back when a passenger in a car, which had had no involvement or interaction with me on the road and was passing me for the first time, opened up their back window and threw a spray can at me, narrowly missing my head.

    I done my best Mark Cavendish and sprinted up the road after the car, catching it in traffic. I asked them to wind down the window, and asked them if they’d just thrown something at my head. It was four or five girls of a travelling persuasion (not necessarily representative), and they started laughing in my face.

    I rolled off, took a note of their reg (in my head, so I had to repeat it over and over like a Rain Man type character), and reported them to the Gardai when I got home.

    I received absolutely no response. I was also sad.

  53. lemonmeringue

    Agree this woman is completely in the wrong in terms of rules of the road but really posting this video? There is something clearly not right with this woman judging by her reaction so posting a video to publicly humiliate her in my opinion was a very poor call…..no matter how angry you are with the situation.

  54. Mawkiemawk

    I cycle across Dublin to and from work every day and it never ceases to amaze me the disregard and often ignorance motorists have for cyclists, and (some) cyclists have for traffic lights. Two weeks ago, I saw a passenger open a door, catching the cyclist in front of me by the ribs, and throwing him from his bike on to the footpath. About a minute after this happened, the car behind beeped to move out of the way. Rules aside, there’s no need to be a complete dick A little cop on is what’s needed for anyone to be on the road.

    RE: Motorists, I think Louis CK says it best – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8062QEFk5g

    1. sinabhfuil

      So, so true – great video, Mawkiemawk.

      I’d have to say that as both driver and cyclist, I come across aggressive, stupid, angry fools; but they’re perhaps .000001% of the drivers I meet. We forget that most drivers, and most cyclists, are docile, kindly, respectful of others and treat everyone on the road with the same delicate gentleness they treat their grandmothers with.
      As a cyclist, I do go up one-way streets, when they’re empty; I leap off the bicycle and bring it in to the side if anyone enters. I do go through some red lights – most of the effort in cycling is in getting the momentum going, and when the weather’s bad and there’s an icy headwind, it takes more virtue than I currently have in the bank to stop at a light when there’s no one coming for miles. I do occasionally swerve out from the side: if I see a wet manhole-cover licking its lips at my bicycle, waiting for the chance to make my wheel slip sideways and land me slap on the side of my head, I’d do nearly anything to avoid it. I do sometimes cycle on pavements, when it’s safe for me (and for any pedestrians), but I do so slowly and carefully. I do try to treat all other road users with grandma-care too.

  55. rotide

    The cyclist is very obviously in the right.

    The motorist is very obviously a loon.

    The cyclist is also very obviously an argumentative prick who is looking for these incidents and making them worse for the benefit of youtube.

    Im a pedestrian, cyclist and motorist. Theyre all as bad as each other.

    The cycling evangalists need to shut up though, cyclists are as bad as motorists, they just cant cause the same amount of damage.

  56. Tickle (Now with 100% bland self-indulgent posts!)

    Neither of them will be getting jobs with the UN peacekeeping forces any time soon.

  57. Father Filth

    If you squint, looking up at those flats, I think you can see Alison, on her ‘crying balcony’,

  58. Long gone

    Lots of bike haters here. I agree lots do stupid things. Next time you are swearing at one, think, if they all drove cars how much slower your commute would be. Smile you’ll only live once

  59. whitebear

    Motorists complain when bicycles break the rules of the road, yet here when a driver breaks the rules of the road, they insist the cyclist break the rules of the road by either cycling on the footpath or cycling up the wrong side of the road, because it would be convenient for motorists. The mind boggles.

  60. Tom

    She is an IDIOT! She is driving on the wrong side of the road and refuses to get back on the right side of the road! What a retard..

    1. James M. Chimney

      What I originally typed was “we must pool forces and gang up on the rollerbladers”

  61. pissedasanewt

    The woman is crackers and the cyclist has the right of way. However, he didn’t have to be such a knob about it.
    I must get a dashboard cam, so I can report all the cyclists breaking lights, cycling without helmets or proper reflective gear, cycling on pavements etc etc.

    I expect to see a video from this lad in the Phoenix park on the cycle lane where everybody walks. That must be really annoying for cyclists in general.

    1. LeftBank

      It actually is very frustrating, especially when there’s a designated footpath a mere few feet away.

    2. Kevin (Cyclist)

      There’s as many walkers on the cycle lane as there is cyclists in the walking path, no?

    3. idonotpaymotortax

      You won’t get far with reporting a cyclist for not wearing a helmet as it is not a legal requirement.

  62. Vinny

    The cyclist should’ve went up on the path like 99% do when they feel like it.
    Traffic light dodging vermin of the road.

    1. whitebear

      Either you think cyclists should be allowed to break the rules of the road, or you don’t. If you think he should have gone up on the path, you can’t complain when cyclists break the rules where it’s also convenient and safe.

      Your use of the word ‘vermin’ is disturbing, and suggets that you see cyclists as somehow less than human. I’m sure the majority of tax payers, drivers and cyclists alike, regret that their contribution enables people with psychopathic attitudes such as yourself to get behind the wheel.

      1. Vinny

        They break the rules of the road enough times to warrant the word vermin. That’s all they are. Scum of the earth.

        Every time I nick one with my wing mirror, I always laugh and watch them either a) go nuts in the rear view mirror or b) topple over on the side of the road in a heap of shame and their smug look taken off their face quicker than you can say “cycling on the path”.


    2. tweeglitch

      it’s pouring with rain and i’m running with snot on my way in to work in the morning on my bike. Vinny brushes past in his BMW beeping. But the light ahead turns red. He stops. I catch up. I pass. I turn my head, take a deep breath, press one finger to the side of my nose to close one nostril then blow with all my might. Direct hit on the windscreen in front of his face. I sail past the red light laughing. Cycling tip: at points where motorists tend to take chances in squeezing past you keep spitting on to the side of the road. But keep the nose cannon in reserve for special cases such as the above.

      1. Vinny

        Cycling tip. I catch up with you. Get out of my car. Smash you with the pick axe handle I have in my car. Watch your head bleed. Take your shoes in the process.
        You wouldn’t be the first.

  63. Kevin (Cyclist)

    The driver was clearly in the wrong, being on the wrong side of the road.
    The cyclist could have moved over to allow her past, but anyone who says he’s an asshole for not doing so is clearly as stubborn as the driver.
    Simply because he shouldn’t have to.
    There’s very clear rules of the road which state that if the obstruction is on your side, you pull over and wait for the oncoming traffic to pass.
    Fair play to the cyclist for standing his ground.
    If he’d been a car coming up the road, the driver would have had to move over, but she wouldn’t in this case out of pure stubbornness.
    She’s clearly a little cracked as he never once threatened her, but that’s no excuse for ignorance.
    People make mistakes, so all she had to do was back up a little & pull over to behind the parked cars to let the cyclist (or other car driver, motorcyclist or Garda car if it had been) pass.
    There are plenty of bad cyclists too who break lights & don’t look out for oncoming traffic (i generally find couriers to be the worst, but not always) but there are also bad drivers, motorcyclists & pedestrians.
    You could argue about this all day, and people will.
    It should really be a one way street or not have parking on it at all.
    These roads can’t accommodate the traffic they allow but that’s another story.

  64. Robert

    100% correct on his rules of the road.

    Love the comment from the car behind: “Good on ye man”. Agreed!

  65. Hilton Sicliar

    Someone was right and someone was wrong, but they both could’ve been sound about it.

  66. db

    pretty sure right of way in dublin is as follows:
    1. bus drivers
    2. taxi drivers
    3, women in suv’s
    4. all bmw drivers

    1. gerrys30klasertherapist

      Also, any car that has a “T” on its reg. plate.
      e.g. Just watch the next time you are behind a car with “TS” for the proof. My gawd, they are scary. Do they not do the same test as the rest of the country down there?

  67. Mike Baldwin

    He has to cycle 86KMs to work and back each day? Good life choice pal, very fulfilling.

  68. Sweet

    The problem here isn’t so much the crazy lady driving on the wrong side of the road and refusing to yield to oncoming traffic, the problem is that the council provide car parking on such a narrow road.

    To much space in the city is given over to on street parking, and here’s a result of that.

  69. ray l

    The Americanos have joined the debate on YouTube and it’s now all very confusing because they drive on the other side of the road….

  70. jusiph

    wow! all this fuss over an avoidable argument.

    if ireland was a hot weather country this confrontation would never have happened because people can’t be arsed to waste energy on rubbish like this.
    in hanoi where the driving is deplorable, you wouldn’t last 5 minutes if you got upset by something like that. when i go back to dublin i realise how unpleasant the atmosphere is on the roads. mad!

  71. Steve

    As a driver & a cyclist, the driver was in the wrong. She was on the wrong side of the road & should have moved over to let the cyclist pass before moving off again. It’s her job to see if there’s oncoming traffic & if it’s safe to move into the next lane. She also should’ve indicated… If it had been another car instead of a cyclist that is what she would have done.

    Also the woman is crazy.

  72. El Cuno

    Cycling debates and Dublin private schools spats seem to generate more comments on this site than anything else.

    Just an observation. Maybe we need some perspective.

  73. Ride This Pony

    JFC, that women is away with the birds, she really should be reported to the gardai for that behaviour, he was in the right.

    She gives women drivers a bad name! If I was in his position I would have reported it to the gardai just to have it on record. I wonder has she seen it, she’ll probably threaten to sue if he doesnt take it down!


  74. stoogemund

    The issue of ‘right or wrong’ is completely overshadowed and impossible to judge as a result of the appalling behaviour of both cyclist and motorist.

    It saddens me to think that two complete strangers can, within a matter of seconds, display such hatred and disregard for each other’s position.

    Both at fault in my opinion.

  75. sammy sausages

    too many cyclists on the road….knock em all down…only way to rid the country of them……

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