NUbx993k7IgrP2This afternoon. Ahead of the Action on X rally.

He’s the poster boy of the pro-life movement.

Barry Corvo writes:

Just thought I’d share this with you. On Parnell St [Dublin], just after 3pm, a Hector look-a-like was tearing down Action on X rally posters at a fierce rate.

He was even wearing one of those nice red Life Institute/Youth Defence jackets. Seemed like he was on his way back to Castle Grayskull (60A Capel Street).



At the rally an hour later…

prolifemanIs it poster boy?

An oddly familiar pro-life protestor heckling and taking photos at the ‘Action on X’ rally.

Thanks Michael Stamp andredmum

35 thoughts on “Busted

  1. Stevie P

    Well unless the action on x folks had a permit to put up the posters, all he was technically doing was cleaning up litter.

        1. Nefarious_D6

          Far too much of it in your posts to be gobbling on. Seems like you’re made entirely of it.

    1. Am I still on This Island

      “Political posters are only exempt from this definition during an election or referendum campaign, or within seven days of the official end of such a campaign.”

      So the posters are legal and do not require a permit. Youth Defense should know this law well they were severely sanctioned by DCC last year for breaching it.

        1. The Old Boy

          Welcome to Broadsheet, Stevie P. Your brief posing career got off to a shaky start and rapidly descended into knuckle-dragging, forehead-chewing levels of gobshitery. Please engage your brain before pressing post.

    2. Ciara

      You need a permit to poster in Dublin, and need to notify the city council in advance. Action on X do have that permission.

  2. Niamh

    Between this and deciding to get Knock involved, I can hear the YD barrel being scraped from here.

  3. AngryPosterDude

    I actually put that effing poster up. Twice this week(not incl this pic) those wannabe-fascist filth tore down the posters we put up around the city – fearing that people might see them.

    In fact the afternoon we were putting those up, a gang of them rounded on and verbally abused a woman putting up posters to the point of distress and she had to go home in tears.

    If anyone knows anymore about these subhuman scum please get in contact with me –

    1. Ciaran

      There’s a guy on the facebook page for the event, Tony Barry, who’s twice suggested he’s happy with them being “rightfully taken down”. He’s the Celtic jersey type.

        1. Ciaran

          Ok, apologies, but celtic jerseys are being very poorly represented over there at the moment. Three bigoted comments from three different guys with the same jersey fetish.

    2. DeSelby

      Well if you want to get in touch with him, he’s on a ‘pro-life’ stand outside the GPO today. Just saw him.

  4. Anne

    Look at those bags under his eyes…. he should stop staying up late shagging and drinking.

  5. well

    Wouldn’t surprise me if this guy had something to do with poo being used to paste pictures of Savita to youth defence HQ

  6. Amy

    I think I had a run in with this guy and some of his crowd at the GPO a few weeks ago, absolute dopes. Spewing these facts and figures that they completely pulled out of the air, it felt like they were trying to indoctrinate people into a cult or something. I was literally told “Watch a video of an abortion on Youtube, the truth will set you free”, and until I had a child, I wouldn’t understand. Well f**k off, until you have a womb, don’t tell me what to do with mine!

    1. OneOfTheseDays

      Had a very similar experience outside the GPO with this man recently as well. Told me women who’d had abortions were murderers.
      It’s infuriating but would encourage everyone to challenge these people wherever they see them.

      1. Ted

        One made me so furious on Saturday, pushing a petition in my face that I yelled at her in the street. I’m not usually the yelling type.

    2. DeSelby

      He’s there again today. How can these people afford to dedicate so much time to this?

  7. Phizsmurf

    This guy called to my door in Phibsboro, said he was in the Legion of Mary in St Peters Church. I said thank you but I was not religious. He said he would like to welcome me back to the faith. I pointed out that I was never in the faith… I think this is probably still coming between him and his sleep.

    Since then have seen him coming out of that Life (I think it’s called) office on the corner of Capel St and Parnell St. If he is pulling down legit posters, this should be reported to the Guards.

    In addition,, I think I had a run in with him on outside McDonalds on Phibsboro. when I declined to sign his pro life petition, he screamed at me down the street that “abortion murders babies”… I was pushing a pram…. However, I called the Guards in Mountjoy and they took it v seriously as I pointed out that he was harassing me.

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