Senior Moment




William Binchy (top with Senator Ronan Mullen in background)) and Catherine McGuinness (above) at the Oireachtas hearings on abortion legislation.

She’s 91.


13 thoughts on “Senior Moment

    1. The Old Boy

      That’s the second time they’ve done that. Do you chaps have an upward-only age review clause?

      1. missred

        urrrgh Clampers, I just had lunch! Take your pick ladies, Binchy or Mullen…..

        *gets sick in bin*

  1. Pedanto

    Can anyone find Binchy’s predictions for the nightmare aftermath of divorce legislation? I’m pretty sure we were supposed to be surviving on baby-tears from a hollowed-out skull by now.

    1. Captain Obvious

      You mean there is another way to live!!?????!!????….ah for fu*ks sake!!!

  2. Sido

    Nice to see Ronan working hard for his 60K plus expenses. Representing people like you and me.
    I’ll be thinking about him and Fidelma Healy Eames, when Michael McDowell encourages me to get all dewy eyed about the loss to the Nation, that will occur, should the Seanad be scrapped.

  3. Iwerzon

    When does the NUI constituency have the opportunity of ensuring Moanin’ Ronan doesn’t retake his Seanad seat? Just in case it’s not abolished.

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