Saturday Night In The Suburbs


turkeyThe Istanbul suburb of Gazi Mahellesi on Saturday night.

Taken by Justin Willes who, along with Ronan Burtensahw and Tommy Gavin, is reporting for on the ongoing unrest in Turkey.

The Battle For Banliyö (Ronan Burtenshaw and Tommy Gavin,

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Reporting Turkey

Justin Willes

One thought on “Saturday Night In The Suburbs

  1. Chandrika

    I am including the caption underneath the original image on Rabble:

    “A protestor returns tear gas at police in Gazi Mahellesi on Saturday night.”

    Images are powerful, and out of context it makes it look like the protestors are being violent. I just want to make it clear that the protestors and general public are still miraculously remaining peaceful, while their homes, universities and public spaces are under constant attack.

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