28 thoughts on “Classic Sun Parking

  1. Pierce

    This post is a just a transparent attempt to distract us from society’s real problem: bicycles.

  2. Saul

    I’d love to see a time lapse video of the scramble to get off the beach when the tide started to come in.

    1. Tom Joad

      Shame on Donegal County Council. They should get their act together. This krap used to go on on Dollymount Strand till they saw sense and put up a load of rocks to stop cars getting onto the beach.

      1. KD

        Shame on the council for what exactly? Not telling people to piss off home?
        This is the only beach in south Donegal you can bring a car on to which is obviously a big attraction for lots of people ( There are some lovely car free beaches just a few minutes away). This photo only shows one end of the 3km long beach. It also has a large car free/ family zone in the middle.

        Would you prefer they concrete over the dunes to create car parks for the few days a year it gets crowded? There is one carpark behind the dunes at the family zone. Was it full? No.

        The only thing the council need to take the blame for is the lack of rubbish bins. Although if the morons who left it on the beach just took it home there wouldn’t be a problem.

  3. Abc

    ‘Donegal Weather Channel – first for weather. This is Donegal’s first and top weather channel for all your weather forecast’s and weather updates we cover all of Donegal, the North and Northwest also.’

    Thanks, BS, for bringing this to my attention. I now know where to go when I need news about Donegal weather – first.

  4. Testicals

    Can’t wait till they concrete a massive part of the area and charge people to park there. That will sort it all out

    1. Jesustonight

      Yes, yes of course we are, now run along and don’t be so obvious the next time you silly billy.

  5. Tickle (T.B.C.)

    Great beach though. Spent a few weekends there in the Sandhouse hotel. Four poster beds don’t ya know.

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