Gulliver’s Hanky


HankyMerrion Square, Dublin, minutes ago.


Thanks John Beatty


90304068 9030407190304072Yes , it’s The Touring Tama draped over a London Plane tree in Merrion Square park in Dublin by artist Miriam McConnons.

The huge cloth , is made up of hankerchiefs and traditional lace, sewn together which Miriam collected from the people of Cyprus and Ireland”.

The Touring Tama was previously exhibited at the UNESCO heritage site of Paphos, Cyprus in September 2012 to commemorate Cyprus presidency of the European Union.

The People of Ireland – that’s YOU –  have been invited to hang handkerchiefs onto and under the tree at Merrion Square Park during the tour before it heads to Athens Greece in 2014.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

14 thoughts on “Gulliver’s Hanky

    1. Joe

      Do they not realise that this suffocates the tree, tis like putting a human inside a bin bag.

      1. rmc

        Trees have gills, everyone knows that. seriously though do you honestly think a tree can’t breath through cloth for a few days or have I been trolled

  1. steve kingston

    I always wanted to ask when I see posts like this-if you’re close enough to take a photograph then why not stroll the extra few feet and ask the people what they’re doing?

    1. Icecream

      Good Lord, man, and stifle years of technological innovation? We’ve got smartphones with cameras and internet connections and social networking and Angry Birds precisely so we don’t HAVE to talk to people!

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