BodyandSoul2013651453705nannyThe Body & Soul drink allowance.

Watch ‘Fuck Buttons’ sober!

Shane Flynn writes:

Nanny State Nazis. Halving drink allowances, banning re-entry with alcohol. Milking profits much??




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    1. Shanner

      Don’t tar all Irish festivals with the SHM brush. This the most laid back, friendly, fun one of all. Ticket prices were raised too, and now this.

      1. lemoneadi

        +1 Body and Soul is the most relaxed festival with such a loyal crowd. It’s just really horrible they don’t trust them!

  1. Eoin

    Pretty sure most Irish festivals have the 24 cans of beer limit. Haven’t heard the spirit limit thing before though..

      1. munkifisht

        and it was not limited to the when you arrive at the gate, more a guide than a rule.

        1. Eoin

          But that doesn’t make what I said incorrect..

          I challenge anyone to find an Irish festival on this year which allows punters to bring in more than 24 cans.

          1. Ciaran

            Electric Picnic has been 48 cans for as long as I can remember.
            plus you’re allowed go out to the car park and come back with alcohol, none of this “you must bring all your alcohol in with you when getting your wristband or else anything afterwards will be confiscated” nonsense.

      1. Jesustonight

        Or creme brulee’s lead singers opinion on the music industry “shit business”

  2. realPolithicks

    24 cans of beer isn’t enough. If your main concern is getting drunk, wouldn’t it be cheaper to stay home and do it!

    1. cluster

      Yup, hopefully this will scare away the victims who are only interested in getting p!ssed, stumbling around, bring obnoxious and puking.

      1. Ciaran

        yeah, 500ml of vodka for a whole 3 days would of course have anyone rolling around puking…..

  3. Deebo

    3 days at a camping festival with only a bottle of wine OR 24 cans OR 1/2 litre of spirits?!?! Ffs, glad I’m not going, it’s gonna be a hugely expensive weekend paying a fiver a pint!!

      1. Der Durstige Mann

        Yes that’s fine but nobody wants to be drinking the same beer for 3 days straight. It would be nice to actually enjoy our drinks and drink what we would like to. It’s nice to have a bit of variety but those choosing to bring liquor will have none to share. Pretty much everyone who wants to drink will have to either carry in 12 kilos of beer or break the rules by attempting to smuggle in spirits.

        How about 6 cans and a bottle of whiskey? The cans would be confiscated and the whiskey half emptied.

        Sound man, thanks.

  4. VictorRomeo

    It’s like this Taste of Dublin bull$hit coming up this weekend. They charge you e30 entrance to then pay e5 for sample sized dishes. You’ll need about another e30 to get anywhere approaching fed. All to watch a few tw@ts fry up a bit of chicken?! You’ll also need your bleedin’ head examined…. An utter con job….

  5. munkifisht

    Someone asked what was going on on their FB page, this was the response::

    “In consultation with the statutory authorities and Drink Aware a decision was made that the policy for festival goers’ personal alcohol quota should be 24 cans OR one litre of wine OR a half litre of spirits.”

    As one of the other posters said:
    “Are you selling alcohol onsite? If so this feels like bit of a money-spinner and I really hope that’s not the case.”

  6. Dee

    It’s body and soul most people will be wondering what the mushy and pills allowance is!

    1. Rob

      The one year I attended Castlepalooza, all our drinks were confiscated at the gate, only to be sold back to us at extortionate prices by the bouncers when the bars had closed.


  7. A Sirius case of the ABMs

    Yea I’m not too keen on 3 days forking out for 5eu half spilled plastic pints of pish inside

  8. Brian S

    I thoroughly recommend watching fuck buttons sober. Amazing new visuals set up at primavera, hopefully being brought to b&s too.

    As for the booze thing, yeah stinks of trying to make more from bar sales, it’s about the only festival there isn’t likely to be drunken trouble at. Yet when Oxegen kicks off this year there’ll be a 24 cans limit, which is great for all the 16 yr olds heading down for the “banter”

    1. Custo

      Never seen any trouble at Knockanstockan, with unlimited drink allowance that you can drink in the actual festival and not just the campsite.

  9. Reporter2

    Shame on them. The question is whether it will be enforced or not. Certainly sounds like they mean to anyway.

    Poor form playing it off as a drink aware thing rather than a money spinner.

  10. Der Durstige Mann

    Where did they get the figures from? 1 litre of wine?

    The equivalent of about 4 or 5 cans!

  11. Sidewinder

    24 cans is equal to a bottle of wine or a half litre of spirits? I don’t bloody think so.

    1. The Old Boy

      24 cans of Special Brew. More than enough for anyone in three days, and the equivalent to 11 bottles of wine or 3.6 bottles of spirits.

  12. Paul G

    The real question is why they have halved last years allowance?

    Life festival had no such limits and a much worse reputation but there was no trouble at all.

  13. tommy

    They were also advertising for jobbridge internships this year. Post on facebook 6 months ago.

  14. Am I still on This Island

    I don’t understand is the line up so bad you have to be drunk to enjoy it?

  15. Coxswain Lovalot

    Err… Perhaps it is due to the drinkware thing and isn’t down to the fact that the festival IS A COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE DEVISED FOR THE PURPOSE OF MAKING A FEW QUID. If you don’t like it then don’t go, you can hang about the central bank with a bottle of buckfast like you probably do every other weekend you tight shower of c*nts.

    1. tommy

      Covering themselves enough to pay themselves a wage for the year is one of the goals for these festivals but they are not in any way a money spinner. Far easier ways to make a few quid.

      1. Coxswain Lovalot

        Exactly. I’ve met the lad behind B&S a few times through mutual friends and he’s not driving around in a new Audi by any stretch of the imagination. If we don’t support these events then they will disappear leaving us with a choice of Oxygen or staying in. Staying in would really be the only option.

        1. munkifisht

          Well the price of the tickets has gone up €50 this year and the festival is getting heavy sponsorship. Is going not support enough?

  16. Am I still on This Island

    Not sure what happened my above comment, it should read.

    “24 cans for a 3 day festival is 8 cans a day, is the line up that bad that you have to be drunk to enjoy it?

  17. Curiouser

    My concern isn’t really about the pricing of alcohol, or whether this is a mother spinner or not, but just that in practical terms – the bars stop serving at B & S (and at other festivals) around 10/11 at night, so your 24 cans are supposed to keep you going for three nights? Or those poor souls who are supposed to make half a litre of spirits last 3 nights? Come on like.

  18. Reporter2

    The 24 beer limit is bad, but its nothing on the spirit and wine limit. What if you’re not a beer drinker. A third of a bottle of wine per day?

    The limits seem totally arbitrary too. There’s more than twice as many units of alcohol in 24 beers as there is in half a bottle of spirits (roughly).

    I will be keen to see if they enforce this. If they do, I won’t be going next year (have been to every B&S thus far).

  19. ferg

    This is three days of revelling in a field. Some people are going to go over the top. others will drink plenty and just have a good time. the only thing this rule will change is into whose pocket the receipts of the alcohol consumption will go.

    1. lemoneadi

      If your pockets are bottomless, perhaps. Some people that go to this festival won’t have limitless fivers to spend on shitty beer.

      1. Parp

        Well then they won’t be drinking it then. I don’t have money to drive a new Porsche every day. That is why I don’t drive a new Porsche every day.

        1. lemoneadi

          Pretty short-sighted comment – can unemployed/underemployed not enjoy themselves for a weekend?

          1. Parp

            What a ridiculous statement. If you can’t afford something you can’t afford something. There are plenty of other options. I’m not going to go onto my local’s Facebook page and complain that their pints are €5.50 and that I should be allowed bring my own cans in just because all my friends can afford to drink them and I can’t.

  20. jusiph

    well it doesn’t make that much difference to me (since you all asked). you were never allowed to bring cans into the stage areas anyway. I came home with a few cans still in me bag because I couldn’t be arsed to go and get them when i was already inside. it’s not really a proper 3 day festival either – most people arrive on saturday afternoon

    1. Ciaran

      actually you are allowed bring cans in to the stage areas, after the bars close at 11. last year the music was going on the 2nd stage until 4am. enjoy your 2 glasses of wine daily allowance until then!

      also, previously it was a 2day festival with an option of paying to go on the Friday night.
      now it’s a 3 day festival ticket (with prices raised more than the 2day+Friday add-on price), so most people will be arriving on the Friday.

      1. jusiph

        good points all – i did see after i wrote that, that there is proper festival acts on the friday night – which I will miss. although it does offer some explanation for the higher ticket prices this year. i guess my comments are wishful!

        1. Anne

          What, sorry, someone on BS apologising for being unreasonable? Someone call the pope, we have a saint in our midst!!

  21. FridayLuck

    Really shot themselves in the foot this year Body&Soul. First the price hike for a “3 day festival” that’s not gonna have any live music the first day?
    Then the lineup… some quality acts came along eventually, but at first it was one of the poorest anti-climax announcements in years.
    Then there’s the latest bullish beer restrictions and all the time their feckin radion ad bleets across TodayFM every 2 minutes which means they haven’t come even close to selling out this year!!
    I like Body&Sould, have been in the past and would love to see F*ck Buttons live this year but sorry B&S… this year it’s just BS!

  22. Nasher

    My game plan: Pre/post game with spirits an’ tings. Easy to hide those if you use yer noggin. Then buy the beer in the bars due to it being cold and being near jacks when the seal is inevitably broken. Sure the sloshy/woshy factor when you are trying to dance makes it generally annoying to have a brew in the hand no?

  23. ineverthoughtidenduphere

    Note to twat head minister for something or other Alex white…

    No such concerns at sporting events…

  24. Louise

    Just got an email about the Glastonbury limit and thought ‘gulp’…

    But no

    1. Any alcohol brought onto the site must be for personal consumption only
    2. No glass bottles can be brought onto the site
    3. You must be able to carry your alcohol yourself, without using any wheeled devices, including trolleys, wheelbarrows and wheeled suitcases.
    4. Any Alcohol which is brought to the gates using a wheeled device will not be allowed in, and may be confiscated

  25. Anne

    eeerrrr…. lads, if we are complaining about not being able to bring +24 cans, +1litre of wine or +a half bottle of spirits to enjoy a night out. The allowances are NOT the problem. The levels of consumption are….

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