25 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Ballsbridge

  1. Am I still on This Island

    Ah I recognise these lads from previous protests, such as Israel the defiler, More Aid to African despot dictators and Property/Water/Bin taxes.

    Amazing how it’s the same people regardless of the protest.

      1. Am I still on This Island

        Some of them may have been who knows there was so many people in Merrion square I could not count ;)

    1. landofthelostbiros

      “Ah I recognise these lads from previous protests”

      Ah I recognise the usual snide remark from docile obedient consumer man who works 9 to 5 like a robot and thinks his life is great despite most things he possesses being purchase on borrowed money which we will never really pay off.

      1. Colin

        I’d say he’d be there too if his job had allowed him some time off to protest. I’d like to know what all these people do for the rest of the week and who their employers is, as they appear so amicable to giving time off.

        Oh wait, their just a drifter rent-a-crowd.

      2. Am I still on This Island

        Don’t work 9-5, don’t work for anyone but myself
        Don’t have any debt outside of my mortgage,
        Tend to find much more happiness in my family, friends and in the travel & the experiences it brings than any material object I have ever owned.

        But my point remains most of these people are professional protestors who would turn up for a large % of protests for the day out. Not everyone who points out the flaws in professional protestors is a career driven suit drone

        I do turn up for protests that I believe are in my interest or the common good. I am also involved with certain groups volunteering to help their campaigns for legislative change.

        But excellent fail on the attempted stereotype

          1. Am I still on This Island

            Gent in the Mustard Jumper and Gent with the Lidil bag are regulars at any protest recently

        1. Nigel

          You haven’t actually pointed out any flaws, except to suggest that there are people out there who are passionate enough about more than one issue to protest them. Not sure why this is a flaw, but I can understand why you’d be sensitive about stereotyping.

          1. Am I still on This Island

            They are passionate about protesting not the issues, they will protest against wars in Iraq but not Syria, the arrange humanitarian flotillas to Palestine but not Syria that’s the flaw

    2. Fat Frog

      Oh no, some people in Ireland care about something enough to take to the streets. Quick, let’s cast aspersions on their motivations and employment status!

      1. Am I still on This Island

        I never made any comment on their employment status, you can work irregular hours I should know

    3. Fat Frog

      P.s. the answer is probably yes, since it it possible to be on this island and up your own a*se simultaneously.

  2. Macgafraidh

    I love the fact that Lidl have product placement .. That guy to the far right has nothing to do with the protest

    1. The Old Boy

      Sure the lads need a bit of target practice. Or they could probably charge passers by and make a bit of money for the exchequer: Blast a leftie! £10 for five minutes on the water cannon (Students, bus pass holders and the under 12s half price!)

  3. eimdot

    my parents were there and they are both retired civil servants…not the type to typically protest but my brother, his wife & my beautiful niece live in Istanbul and they were there to show their support.

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