Turkey9_68128758_12junecopyScenes from the last 12 hours. After two weeks of protest in Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey, riot police used tear gas and water cannons to move thousands of anti-government protesters from the square.  The BBC report an uneasy calm in the city today

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Pics: (From top) Reuters/Osman Orsal; Reuters/Yannis Behrakis; AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis; Reuters/Murad Sezer; Reuters/Yannis Behrakis; Reuters/Yannis Behrakis; Reuters/Murad Sezer; Reuters/Osman Orsal; Reuters/Yannis Behrakis.

10 thoughts on “Turkey Shoot

  1. ffintii

    A great upheaval is coming in Turkey. Erdogan intends to continue to decimate the Turkish military officer corps and make the armed forces into advocates of Islamism. He intends to suppress women’s rights, and to convert the Turkish Constitution into an instrument of Islamization.

  2. Jay

    Indeed. If you are ask to move with Water cannon in sight, its really best to move on. But no, lets get hurt on camera it makes for so much nicer photographs!

    1. Captain Horatio MccALlister

      Indeed. You’ve totally debunked the movement. Your critical skills are indeed piercing.

    2. Nigel

      Oh, now, come on, they are posing for YOU. Now that Greek TV channel is off the air, it’s the only entertainment west of the Bosphorous.

  3. Am I still on This Island

    Turkey really worries me; the size of its military and its prominence in the running of the nation, the religious divide between city and country residence or the general divide between secular and religious types. Add to that its location the bloody civil conflict going on next door and its strategic significance.

    This needs to be sorted quickly.

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