Lorna writes:

On my cycle to work this morning, I passed a set of car keys on the ground at Leesons St Upper [Dublin]. Figuring a fellow cyclist has lost them, I went back to pick them up. I’m now trying to see if I can locate the owner! They’re for a Peugeot and have the owner’s bike lock key & house key on it! Can you ask your broadsheet viewers if they’ve lost their keys this morning?

13 thoughts on “Are These Yours?

  1. Bruce

    If I was Sherlock Holmes I would deduce that the owner is late 20s early 30s, male, owns a bicycle worth €800+ and has an orange kryptonite lock.

      1. grwh

        I disagree, think they’re male. No keyrings, only the necessary keys (car, bike, house) -suited to carrying in a pocket.

        Women tend to either keep car keys seperate from their normal keys, and have the indulgence of a handbag – resulting in carrying larger sets of keys, or else necessitating large keyrings to help find them in the bag.

        1. Ciaran

          Indeed, Indeed. (smokes pipe).

          Could be the spare set that (s)he keeps for when cycling into work, and therefore doesn’t have extra keyrings etc for aerodynamic purposes.

          This better get answered.

      1. Mikeyfex

        I’d also like to put a cap on the total number of fingers at 8. Plus 2 thumbs. Giving the person in question a maximum of 10 digits.

  2. Ringos Dove

    Do them a favour and dump the keys – it might make them go and buy a proper car, i.e. not a french shit box.

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