Liking-Isnt-Helping-01-634x419 Liking-Isnt-Helping-02-634x417 Liking-Isnt-Helping-03-634x419‘Liking Isn’t Helping’ – a powerful ad campaign for Crisis Relief Singapore mocking the guilt-assuaging cult of the Facebook ‘Like’ and suggesting that people who really care should volunteer to help instead.

The thumbs in these genuine press images of pain and loss are thankfully ‘shopped in.


20 thoughts on “Do Not Like

  1. A. Gov

    I agree that ‘liking’ images or campaigns of this nature is nonsense but where on these posters is the viewer given a list of options on how to help? Or is it just volunteer or nothing? I think those who have the impetus to ‘like’ might also like to help in some way but is it not a large jump from that to volunteering in a crisis relief situation?

  2. John E. Bravo

    Might be a good time to repost those young upstarts with their charity startup from a few days back.

  3. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    I can’t bear these FB likers, “Like if you hate cancer, hate cruelty to animals, hate child abuse” when eventually leads to my feed being flooded with graphic pictures of beaten animals and children. Lovely.

  4. Sheila

    I hate those cynical pages that yourcommentisawaitingmoderation mentions above.

    And I do believe these are mostly phoney pages and these people then sell the likes. My sister was kept popping up on FB as liking Mitt Romney during the presidential election last year, a page she didn’t even go near.

  5. martron

    Wow! A hate “like”ers blog – specifically to moan about people who waste time clicking the “like” button on facebook. Black pots and kettles all over the place here – I’m sorry to say! The time it took to put this stupid blog together could have been better spent trying to save the world or some other load of crap that the facebook “like” button is somehow managing to prevent. It’s nice to have the freedom to moan about something though.

    1. Scared Vagina

      What exactly is the blog you’re on about here? Is it Broadsheet or Singapore Crisis Relief?

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