The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen



Ex-Monaghan United manager Roddy Collins

On why it’s more than a game.

Cormac Hargaden writes:

I know sport is rarely your bag but we have a football series with a difference running on Setanta Ireland at the moment called Return Of The Rod Squad.
Next Monday night at 10pm the fourth and final episode airs – and among other things, it gearshifts from comedy to tragedy as one of Ireland’s most colourful and toughest men sees his club go bust and his players left without a job.

.Some lighter clips from the programme and full episodes of the original IFTA winning prequel The Rod Squad here.

18 thoughts on “The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

  1. JB

    “one of Ireland’s most colourful and toughest men” – would that be “Bono tough” or “Paul O’Connell tough” !?

    1. IDB

      Yeah, but I can’t stick him when he’s on Newstalk. So much bullshit and a voice that grates on you after a while!

  2. Captain Obvious

    Are you joking??? …Seriously do not make me laugh!! ….
    Why did Monaghan go bust???……
    The no. of clubs left in a hape in his wake and we are now expected to believe that he is concerned about these lads???
    Fup off….fup right off!!!

    1. Mikeyfex

      I can’t tell if I agree more with you, or with Vinny. He’s a bit of a spoofer and is well used to playing to the camera/microphone.

      Were they tears when he walked away from the camera? Come on like. Cut the shite. Would like to see them all do well at the same time though.

      1. Captain Obvious

        Yes, hes pent money they didn’t have. Paid lads silly money (for LOI first Division) to come up from Dublin to play.
        When the club should have been pulling back and heading towards a more amateur model he pushed the club in the opposite direction. They got promotion but in the end it cost them everything.

  3. ZeligIsJaded

    What kind of topsy turvy world is this, where Monaghan Utd can’t make some serious cash money?

  4. Bingo

    Roddy used to be great craic on “Off The Ball”. The yarns he used to spin. A real character.

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