A Great Day In The Park



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Staff and homeless people that receive support from the the Peter McVerry Trust met with President Higgins yesterday afternoon to mark the 30th anniversary of the charity.

From top: President Higgins with Bridget Boyne, Paul Cashel, James Power, Fr Peter McVerry, Martin O’Connor and Fr McVerry.

Fr McVerry Trust

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)


19 thoughts on “A Great Day In The Park

    1. paul

      “Most priest are scum”?
      Most people named Helen are prone to hyperbole and generally full of shite. Or something.

    2. Goosey Lucy

      Nonsense. I’m no Catholic Church lover but I could never stand over such a ridiculous statement as that.
      From some of your previous comments, I gather you are a functioning adult, but sometimes you sound like a moody 14yr old

  1. Tony Gill

    A friend of mine lived in one of Fr McVerrys hostel when he was a teenager. He is a credit to the jesuit order (and the mankind in general)!

  2. Bingo

    McVerry always looks like a lad at a Junior B Gaa game. Someone should buy him a decent suit.

  3. Tickle (T.B.C.)

    Bless. The lass at the back in the first pic has a lovely smiley/laughie face.

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