Don’t Look Back In Ongar



A slightly unsettling welcome/farewell at the opening of Hansfield Station, Clonsilla, Dublin, the newest station on the Iarnród Éireann network that will serve residents of Ongar and the surrounding areas


Meanwhile, mind the gap

vardkarTransport minister Leo Varadkar and Joan Burton (they share the constituency) with a future disgruntled passenger/voter.

Pics by Jason Clarke

90305804903058009030579890305779903057789030579590305792Hansfield Station today.

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)


16 thoughts on “Don’t Look Back In Ongar

  1. Mikeyfex

    I’ve made up a chant everyone.

    “He looks like Jimmy Kimmel,
    He sounds like Brian O’Driscoll,
    It’s Leo Varadkar! Leo Varadkar!”

    You can even take it up a key with each repeat if you like. Feel free, I don’t OWN chanting.

  2. Josh

    Good ole Irish efficiency again. The station was built at the same time as the houses in Ongar how long ago was that – the trains have been running on the line for the past 3 years – €1m had to be spent to build the road into the station so it could be opened and put in use.

    1. Captain Obvious

      To be fair I think the developers were responsible for building the station and the road but they went bust. So the relevant department and Irish Rail had to buy the land back in parts from the receivers, which even with the best will in the world (which I don’t know was there) would be a painfully slow process.

      1. rmc

        Go away with your logic, I think I’ll stick with the mindless moaning thank you very much

      2. JFO

        All very well Captain, but fairness didn’t really enter the equation as the developer/receiver continued to build, complete and sell houses beside the station (Barnwell) while the station remained inaccessible. At the same time continuing to use the train line as a selling point (see page 3/4 of the brochure)…
        Anyone for the last of the SDZ’s?

        1. Captain Obvious

          Fair point JFO. The road should have been finished before they completed anymore properties, I’m not sure though if that was in any agreement they signed with the local council? If not it should have been.
          My point was that once they had gone bust the process for the department and Irish Rail to jointly buy the land required in various parts from the receivers and then get the road built was always going to take a long time.

    2. cluster

      Let us boil everything back to Irish self-hatred.
      This empty moaning abotu how sh!t the Irish are rather than ever addressing the issue at hand is really tiresome.
      Never before in any foreign jurisdiction has a developer gone bust before completing the work agreed.

      1. Captain Obvious

        “Never before in any foreign jurisdiction has a developer gone bust before completing the work agreed.” …
        Really???? …..just think about that statement….

  3. ex pat

    Lets hope the EIB stimulus package prioritises better commuting solutions; for far too long the houses have come before the stations it is time for Varaqkar to prove he can drive home his talent and bang the table for a stronger transit network. 80% of this type of spending goes right back to the exchequer…….

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