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He’s back.

Judge Of The Day Hall of Famer Judge Martin Nolan, no longer in the Family Court, delivers another memorable judgment

A Dublin father who sexually assaulted his neighbour while her eight-year-old son lay in the bed beside was given a two-year, suspended sentence. The child woke up during the assault, recognised the man and told him to “get off my Mammy” before he leaned over and tried to push him away.

The man later told gardaí that he had no idea how he ended up in the woman’s bed and said he thought the victim was his partner when he began touching her

….Judge Martin Nolan said the man had given “an explanation of sorts” for what he did that night but added “I don’t find it very believable, to put it bluntly”.

He suspended the entire two-year sentence after he said that he didn’t think, considering the man’s lack of relevant convictions and genuine remorse, that the crime justified an immediate custodial sentence.

Dublin man avoids jail for sexual assault while victim’s son was in same bed (BreakingNews.ie)

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Judge Of The Day

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31 thoughts on “Judge Of The Day

  1. AOB

    This story has ruined my day…I feel physically ill now.
    How how HOW is this allowed to happen? Why is such an ignorant person allowed to be a judge? What sort of message will this give out to other potential sexual offenders? and what about ppl out there who have been sexually abused..what will they think of this….?
    Just….shocking and very upsetting

    1. Jandals

      But he’s really really sorry (that he got caught) and is never bad (except this time, when he got caught)!

      Ridiculous isn’t it?

          1. A.Tomás

            The frustrating thing about that British petition, is that this is not to do with “misogyny”.

            Why do people insist on using red herrings i.e. alcohol, high on drugs, education, the catholics!

            There is a general leniency towards violent crime in Ireland from the judiciary.

          2. A.Tomás

            It is a good idea to petition to end ridiculous judges and their ridiculous sentences regarding violent and sexual assaults.

          3. Jandals

            So British Thomas that someone in Dublin started it! And yeah, its funny that all these crimes against women don’t get punished fairly. Maybe a touch of the old misogyny.

  2. Blah

    Ah yes, broadsheet.ie, arbiter of truth and justice. No doubt you attended the entire trial, Lars, and am familiar with all the details.

    I wholeheartedly support putting photos of the judiciary up on a popular website and sneering at them. Great idea. There couldn’t possibly be a problem with that idea. No, no.

      1. Blah

        This is tabloid bollox.

        On the face of it, the judgment looks atrocious. It is worthy of serious investigation. You might throw up the same quote and frame it differently: something along the lines of “we’ve a smart audience, have we any lawyers willing to look into this further?”

        No. Here we get a picture of the man and a sneering comment.

        There are very good reasons why the judiciary are not public figures, rarely do TV interviews, can’t run for the Dail, etc. Although it’s definitely up for debate if they have too much free rein, Broadsheet are just taking the piss here. Photo up, call him a “Hall of Famer”, say his mother was a hampster. It’s irresponsible, tabloid, bollox.

        (Oh and before anyone goes off on the tangent: yes I recognise that there are serious problems with the legal system. Sentences are too short, legal fees are too high, serious barriers to competition for barristers, a bit of a “club” going on in the higher ranks, etc. I still think it’s very important that we criticise judicial decisions in the appropriate manner and we don’t go all News of the World on it.)

        1. realPolithicks

          I still think it’s very important that we criticise judicial decisions in the appropriate manner and we don’t go all News of the World on it.

          What a bunch of bullsh*t. One of the main problems with Irish people is that they pay far too much deference to these clowns. It’s time to call them out, and expose this nonsense to the world!

    1. grwh

      Transparency is perhaps the most important element of our judicial system. Judges have been given an inordinate amount of power, and it’s important that they know they are under the scrutiny of the entire country.

        1. jungleman


          Although, the likelihood is if we had a proper prison service available, a lot less people would be seeing their sentences suspended.. One area in particular would be that of sexual offences.

      1. Chris

        Must have been something else. Not the feed of pints and at the end of the day sure it was only a fordinor that got killed.

      2. Nessy

        Spare jail time for perverts, rapists,molesters and kiddy fiddlers because they’re sorry/cannot remember/or have a good story… What a sound world we live in…

        why is it that in Ireland especially that these types of crimes are so easily forgiven and sweeped under the carpet. It’s a f**king outrage!!

  3. Tom

    Unless the above paras were taken entirely out of context then that sentence is deplorable and deserves criticism and even a photo of the judge as well (he is a public servant after all, an extension of the state with enormous power).

  4. Sidewinder

    Who do you think started the petition you so eloquently criticised (by calling it British – wtf btw?).

    Do you think the RCC works by marching? No, they work by fact gathering, collating data, ACTUALLY HELPING RAPE SURVIVORS and by speaking at committee level in the Dáil.

    Are you really just here to criticise feminism? Are you really going to ignore what this judge thinks is an appropriate approach to sexual assault?

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