He Hasn’t Changed A Day


bincheyWilliam Binchy, legal advisor to the pro-life movement went on Tonight with Vincent Browne .

Certainty in a world gone mad.

Vincent Browne: “Is it your view that a woman if she proceeds with a termination of pregnancy ought to be imprisoned?”

William Binchy: “Of course not. Of course not.”

Browne: “I’m sorry. William, William, just answer that.”

Binchy: “Can I answer the point?”

Browne: “Yes, yes.”

Binchy: “Of course not. And can I invite you to stay in the world of reality and the world of truth because you tagged on there an imprisonment of the woman. You know, Vincent and I think you should remind your viewers of this too that there is no prospect whatsoever of a woman being imprisoned in such circumstances.”

Browne: “How do you know I don’t know? I don’t know that. I don’t know. If it’s the law that she may be imprisoned up to 14 years then it seems to be that at least there is a prospect that that would happen. Are you happy with that?”

Binchy: “Do you think so?”

Browne: “I think there is a prospect. Of course there is.”

Binchy: “All I say is that I disagree with your legal assessment there, Vincent and I think frankly…”

Browne: “Tell me how that is legally mistaken. Tell me how I’m mistaken.”

Binchy: “If you give me an opportunity to speak.”

Browne: “Yeah.”

Binchy: “In the worst case scenario to hypothesise imprisonment is irresponsible to your viewers. Irresponsible.”

Browne: “William, how is it legally mistaken?”

Binchy: “I’ll tell you why because no woman is actually prosecuted. The abortionist is prosecuted in very rare circumstances. That’s the way the law operates.”

Browne: “But the law is that the women, woman can also be prosecuted. That’s the law. So how is what I said legally mistaken?”

Binchy: “Because you have to stay in the world of reality.”

Browne: “So it’s not actually legally mistaken?”

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Back in hairier times:


“To assert to the Supreme Court in those circumstances would grant an injunction against a woman going to England is to assert that the Supreme Court is composed of imbeciles.”


 William Binchy, 1983 following the passing of the pro-life amendment, the constitutional ban on abortion.

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