9 thoughts on “The Hanky Is Back

    1. Garthicus

      I agree, I work on Merrion Sq and it was crazy windy that day or so and it caused it to tear.

  1. Joe

    Horrible thing to see, feck sake leave the tree alone. Tis an utterly stupid thing to be doing covering up a beautiful tree like that, it’s is not ART no way jose, the tree itself is ART, natural ART. Move on to something else Miriam McConnon and leave nature alone, go put a big hanky around a horrible unfinished building or something that deserves to be covered up.

      1. Joe

        if ya truely think that fella then you have big problems, the natural world is the the first thing to inspire cave men to create cave paintings of animals and landscapes. So sorry fella ur way off the ball there mate or should I say Miriam.

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