9030736190307349From top: Katy French’s sister Jill (right) and her mother Janet arrive at Trim Courthouse for the inquest into the model’s death this morning; Keiron Ducie (above) and Ann Corocran, who were with Ms French at the time of her death

Open Verdict Returned in Katy French Inquest (RTE)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)

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  1. Am I still on This Island

    My daughter was a self-confessed heavy drug user, she was a well-known drug user on the Dublin scene and on the night of her death the toxicology reports have shown she had drugs in her system.

    This was not a tragedy, this was self-inflicted by a girl who knew the risks (She noted them herself in two separate interviews). Sadly her parents don’t like the truth and are searching for an answer that does not exist.

      1. Am I still on This Island

        I should clarify that is not MY Daughter; i was referring to K. French! Apologies.

        1. Mikeyfex

          Ha, thought so. Something wasn’t adding up, if you get me. haha. After I replied I tried the link above to see if it came from there, but twas broken.

          1. Am I still on This Island

            I know I know, I have turned myself in to the Internet and Grammer police for multiple violations of various codes! Sorry shame on me.

      2. Buzz

        We’ve all made crap decisions. What if the person who supplied her with the drugs was in a position to summon help but decided not to until it was too late? I suppose these were the sort of questions they wanted answered.

        1. Am I still on This Island

          That’s right the person that supplied the Drugs; the drugs she probably asked them to get and would have been gotten elsewhere regardless. The reality is that only the people in the house know the truth and 2 of them are never going to tell and the other one is dead. She may have collapsed and the others in the house may have heard it and ignored it, or they may not as chances are they were using too.

        2. Clampers Outside!

          Hi Buzz,
          The likely hood of prompt emergency numbers being dialed among drug users when a friend is in need is very, very small.
          They may call eventually, but it’s not something done promptly.

          That is the reality unfortunately. That she would have known.

        1. Nigel

          Self inflicted avoidable tragedies are tragedies nonetheless. (Classically, Tragedy was by its very nature self-inflicted and avoidable.Those were the elements that made them Tragic) You just see them as reasons to withhold sympathy

        2. Domestos

          Again, something being self-inflicted doesn’t rule out tragedy. And if it could be avoided that arguably makes it more tragic. Look it up.

      1. Pidgeon

        Of course it is for her friends and family and of course they want answers. Part of that is accepting that she played a role in it, even if the other two were scumbags who failed to get help, though given that those charges were dropped, suggests that it cant be proven at the very least. It must be heart-breaking but at the same time, at some point you have to let it go or it will break you.

        I think what people take issue with is the fact that the media love this story and keep bringing it up (beyond the inquest) because she was young and pretty and a model. If she hadn’t been, they wouldn’t care one bit.

        1. Eric T

          The second paragraph. This is it.

          I’m late into this thread and I’m surprised that this hasn’t been said until now.

        2. Misterboyle

          I remembered “the last word” radio show the day the news came out that she died. You swear she was a world leader the way it went on, same weekend as 3 (I think) people died from bad drugs, little was said about them

          1. Pidgeon

            Exactly – best thing would have been to report it, let her family have privacy and deal with the bigger public health concern about a bad batch of drugs

    1. Naughtius

      Only a week or so befoe she had a front page “interview” in some crap tabloid giving a drugs are bad m’kay speech after the deaths of two young people in Waterford.

  2. shea

    yeah there is a case for buyer beware but there might be shared negligence on the part of the people who sold the product to her and where with her on the night, how soon where medics contacted etc. alot of families of dead drug users would not have the resources to take cases like this. It may be worthwhile.

    1. SOMK

      I remember there was another drug death from cocaine that same weekend and it was also in and around the time a large batch of cocaine washed up on the shores of Cork and Kerry. I think you’re right there is something worth investigating in this, one angle could be how much of the washed up narcotics were collected by Gardaí, was it that the cocaine that was responsible for the deaths (leaving aside the issue of overdosing being to a point the responsibility of the drug user).

  3. Jockstrap

    Good looking middle class girl dies after drug taking session. Everyone looks for someone else to blame.

    Scrawny unhealthy working class young man dies after drug taking session. Everyone blames him.

  4. Captain Obvious

    If Katie French was a girl from Drimnagh who died of an overdose no one would give a toss.
    It is very sad when people abuse their body like this but she is one of thousands of junkies who died from their habit in this country and shouldn’t be treated any differently.

      1. The Clack

        There was a spate of cocaine related deaths around that time. Also around that time was the f*ck up those smugglers had in Dunmanus Bay. And I don’t think the cops/coast guard recovered all those bales. I suspect people were getting purer cocaine than normal and overdosing.

    1. jc777

      Actually I would rather all drug deaths were pursued similar to hers, rather than saying no one else’s was,so why should hers.

      1. deliverusalready

        Every case of emphysema, lung cancer, liver failure?
        Srsly? How about obese people who just can’t stop guzzling muck? Some of us are lucky and don’t develop dependencies.

      2. Eric T

        i agree, but i think that’s what most people are actually saying – that all of them should be treated with that care and attention and one shouldn’t be head and shoulders over the others based simply on class

    2. Jockstrap

      I agree but I think the Gardai and coroner do treat them all equally.

      It’s the media who don’t and also sections of butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-their-mouths middle class who never examine the reasons why there is generations of a desperate underclass in Irish society. They can’t see their part in it or just choose to ignore it. And by that I mean the cocaine dinner parties in leafy suburbs, the clique of schools which actively exclude people from certain areas and families, the people who send their children there for that very reason, discouraging their children from being friends with kids from outside their social status, saying how unfortunate some people are but doing nothing to help change it.

      1. SOMK

        Whilst I take your point re: class, I also think a lot of this (i.e the media attention) is down to the fact that Kay French’s death was also a good excuse for tabloids to stick pictures of a reasonably well known and well connected model in her knickers on their front pages for what seemed like a few years.

  5. TarfHead

    “Parents searching for an answer” ..

    I think you don’t understand the purpose of the inquest. It is not being held at the behest of the parents.

    1. Vinny

      She was. And Ducie is Ireland’s Nasty Nick from Big Brother 1. Only with a face like a bee-sting.

      Remember Big Brother 1? No? Ok.

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