31 thoughts on “Suburban Electrification

    1. Paul2

      Indeed, I saw one recently in a car park in Killarney.

      They need to ensure that only EVS can park in these designated areas

  1. Am I still on This Island

    And like the one on haddington road people will be clamped while using it, joined up thinking is where it is at.

    1. paul m

      the thinkings quite joined up – its a car parking space in town. pay for it like everyone else. Besides, if it was a free space, you’d have one e-car plonked there all day blocking the charger for others.

      1. Am I still on This Island

        Much like a loading bay a time limit of say 1-2 Hours should be sufficient, but applying your logic if it is a parking space somebody can pay for it all day (Despite the 3 hour limit, which can be gotten around) and block up the charger anyway for everybody making having it their pointless. For the number of chargers in the city giving up a small number of parking spaces to facilitate it is not a bit deal.

  2. PaddyIrishMan

    Nothing new to see here….. But, as an EV owner, it would be nice if non EVs could avoid parking next to the charge points when they have other options. It’s like leaving your car next to a petrol pump. Thanks.

  3. Phil

    I thought the guy who worked for ESB lived on greenmount road in terenure …. he must have moved …

  4. Toe Subh

    There is a port at the rear of these that allow you to charge a plethora of smartphones and laptops.

  5. Billy

    Thats been there on Eaton Road for a long time. I pass by fairly regularly and have never seen it being used.

  6. fatlarry2013

    What’s an e-car?
    The point on Crumlin Road is next to the police station. Usually An Post van parked in front/next to it.

  7. GG

    Live around the corner from that. It’s not new. It has been there for nearly 6 months to a year.

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