15 thoughts on “The Naked Brunch

  1. T-Bagg

    HB need to sell those crumb things separately so they can be added to ANY ICECREAM YOU HAVE AT HAND. yum.

  2. Shane

    They have definitely been skimping on the crumbs lately. I though it was bad last year until I saw this years lack of crumb

  3. bob-a-job

    That’s hilarious I just bought one in Tesco and also noticed the recessionary lack of sugary goodness. I spent a good 2 minutes explaining the deterioration in the standard of the brunch to my Polish wife…’You couldn’t see the ice-cream 10 years ago’

  4. Am I Still on This Island

    Davis send the photo to HB, sit inside door, await delivery of HB apology.

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