Now Is The Vintner Of Our Disco Tent


9030800990308008-120/07/2013 Longitude Festival fans (L 20/07/2013 Longitude Festival fans (L 20/07/2013 Longitude Festival fans (L 20/07/2013 Longitude Festival fan Car20/07/2013 Longitude Festival fans (L9030800190307996Scenes from the Heineken Live Stage at Longitude, Marlay Park, Dublin.

From Top: Colin Brady and John McNamara; Steve McEvoy, Ian O’Kane and Brendan Roth; Emily Kilkenny and Laura Jasaityte, John McNamara and Aisling Egan, Rachel Harvey and Deirdre Roddy, Caroline Foran, James Carroll, Simon Matthews and Barry John Leahy, and Robert Dallas and Stewart Barrows.

No cash, favours, pints were given for this post.

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

64 thoughts on “Now Is The Vintner Of Our Disco Tent

    1. Mister Mister

      Looks like it. Was it mandatory is have the Heino emblem facing the camera in all the photos ?

      How much would advertising such as this cost if they had to pay for it ?

    2. Operatick

      Given that it was the only poxy bloody drink that was available it’s not all that surprising. At least at the Iveagh gardens, which had a Budweiser equivalent stranglehold, you were able to get Guinness or Smithwicks. A gig in Dublin with only 1 beer type on offer? Poxy, so tis.

      1. Oldmary

        Isn’t there ALWAYS something to give out about when you go to a festival / gig… Im sure you could have organised it better ….. the most glorious weekend of the year to go to a gig and people are still giving out about something…..

        1. Operatick

          I was griping indeed about the boozes, but for the record had a really lovely day and loved Kraftwerk! Went to Grizzly Bear, Beach House and last day of Longitude and had a brilliant weekend :) Hooray for sun and fun.

        1. Operatick

          None that were beery. I wanted beery goodness. Also, the minimal other options on show were overpriced.

      2. lolly

        Couldn’t agree more. normally heineken gigs offer Murphys at least and sometimes Paulaner (e.g. EP). I had forgotten what utter pee Heineken is. Horrible metallic taste off the one I endured (for €6). I was forced to drink bacardi and coke (at €6.50 ea.) and occasional mojitos (at €8.50 ea) and endure the barmen serving women twice as often as they served men). I even endured a red bull cranberry with vodka when I passed their bar on the way to see Jerry Fish (who easily gave the best gig of the day imo – though Kraftwerk were pretty good also). There was also “Wine” which herself risked and it was genuinely vile tasting. It was supposed to be chenin blanc from south africa but tasted more like those awful white vin de table we used to get in the early 90s before Australian and Chlean wines arrived.

        (PS I work in the wine/beer business so I’m fussy but also used to getting much better quality at half the price)

      1. PaddyIrishMan

        But you can’t see her bottom in the pic – who knows what could be back there?

  1. blueswannabe

    It looks like the guy in the last pic is
    A. Totally Naked
    B. Has lost most of his legs

  2. Thomas

    Not Pictured:
    – Ridiculous Queues
    – Ridiculous Price of a pint
    – Crappy cardboard holders that fell apart if they came in contact with any liquid whatsoever and aren’t designed for carrying pints.

    1. Inappropro

      +1 boring hipster derivative. Least Vampire Weekend played, who arent necessrily crap.

  3. The Other Fella

    Photos of people we don’t know at an event? Careful now or you’ll turn into the Sunday Independent.

    1. Sgt. Bilko

      If they turned this place into a tumblr of pictures of Caroline Foran in that flowery number, I couldn’t be happier.

  4. Jockstrap

    I don’t see any music fans. I just see the type of people who talk through music gigs about innocuous boring crap and ruin the experience for everyone else but then think YOU are the problem when you ask them to STFU.

    1. Undertow

      I couldn’t agree more! I’ve had to request that people cease their mundane conversations more than once during various gigs.

  5. Dhaughton99

    What bloody way are ‘men’ dressing themselves these days?

    And what’s with them all wearing €6 penny’s shoes.

    1. Ciaran

      yeah, they should all be wearing black Slayer t-shirts and stone washed bootcut jeans from Quinnsworth bought in 1994….

    2. Kieran

      Clothes tend to get slightly ruined at festivals.

      Cheap, disposable stuff is the smart option.

  6. Hank

    Why was my comment removed? I only said that Kraftwerk were very good, Yeah Yeah Yeahs were meh and Hot Chip were the gig of the day.
    As young people on the internet would say, WTF?

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