25 thoughts on “Blurred Loins

  1. ZeligIsJaded

    In fairness like, that should cut out some of this rapin that’s been goin on.

    Sure, they’re all listenin to the ‘pop’ music, and sure they’re away rapin then!

  2. bigdave

    i preferred the original. controversy around the original was a storm in a (non-existent) D-cup. This version is pointless. Boobs seem to be really “in” recently. no bad thing.

          1. bigdave

            I can see a few ways offence might be gleaned from it, sure. but you could get offended by a video of a basket of kittens if you tried hard enough. it’s an inconsequential pop song with some eye candy in the video. it stirred up controversy because of the song’s popularity and because there were some nipples on display. it’s no better or worse, lyrically, musically, morally, than most music out there at the moment. if you’re going to be offended by it, you should be offended as a music lover and not as a woman. assuming you are a woman, if you’re not then you have my utmost contempt! :D

          2. Pidgeon

            Bit more than “eye candy”. But thanks for letting me know what I should and shouldn’t be offended by.

      1. Fiddlestix

        I nearly hate to agree. I feel sick when the “split yo’ ass in two” lines are blurted out. It’s like a big joke. A pisstake of what’s become of the pop industry. Except it’s not…. it’s real.

    1. crisyroo

      The song is damn catchy but I am with you friend! Naked women prancing around: “What’s the problem?”

      Parody of that: “Those girls are ugly!”

      Seriously people, it isn’t about one-upmanship it is about equality!
      Plus this was damn funny and those ladies are foxes!

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