uruguay_143924699_620x350Montevideo, Uruguay.

A game changer in the ‘war’ on drugs.

Under the legislation, Uruguay’s government would license growers, sellers and consumers, and update a confidential registry to keep people from buying more than 40 grams a month.

Carrying, growing or selling pot without a licence could bring prison terms, but licensed consumers could grow up to six plants at a time at home.

Growing clubs with up to 45 members each would be encouraged, fostering enough marijuana production to drive out unlicensed dealers and draw a line between pot smokers and users of harder drugs.

The latest proposal “has some adjustments, aimed at strengthening the educational issue and prohibiting driving under the effects of cannabis”, ruling coalition deputy Sebastian Sabini said. “There will be self-growing clubs, and it will also be possible to buy marijuana in pharmacies” that is mass-produced by private companies.

An Institute for Regulation and Control of Cannabis would be created, with the power to grant licences for all aspects of a legal industry to produce marijuana for recreational, medicinal or industrial use.


Uruguay MPs back marijuana legalisation bill (BBC)

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27 thoughts on “Spliffing

    1. Tom Parker

      Given that stopping the spread of drugs has proved to difficult to be effective. The governments options are limited to the following:

      1) Allow the status quo to continue. This means that gangs and criminals can make a profit from drugs and the safety of the product is questionable.

      2) Legalise and regulate the supply. Eliminate gangs, use revenues to invest in measures to combat abuse etc.

      Which would you choose?

      1. Rod

        that’s the problem, there is no “safety of the product”, regulated or otherwise. If you had the chance to choose whether to introduce cigarettes into society would you support it?

        I have lived with plenty of stoner friends through the years to know it certainly changes people, lack of drive or ambition to do anything in life… yet they will always defend it as being harmless.

    2. Roisinod

      You don’t think they did any research, or at least took the time to read some research (genuine question)?

      The effects outlined in that study are largely dose and frequency-of-use related. And, as with all drugs (natural or manufactured compounds) you will generally have a percentage of the population or patients who have an adverse reaction to it. When you compare the symptoms to the effects of alcohol, how do they stack up?

      For the sake of transparency, I don’t smoke but I enjoy drinking socially. That said, I can still see the benefits of legalising something that a huge amount of people enjoy recreationally. And, on balance, I don’t think it will be as heavy a burden as our country’s relationship with alcohol (which also causes many of the same symptoms or exacerbates existing issues).

    3. Pidgeon

      Yeah, cause they probably just made it law without thinking about the wider medical, social and criminal effects.

    4. keithcl

      that study has no mention of CBD. It has the opposite effect of THC. CBD can actually counter most of the negative effects associated with thc. most strains have been modified to contain higher doses of thc while reducing CBD content. my point is basically that if it were legal, then I could buy it in a shop so I would be able to choose the strain with higher amounts of CBD and I would also have security of supply.

    5. phil

      @Rod this ill effects mentioned in that article, the last 3 jobs I had caused me to feel those effects , and I didnt smoke anything …

  1. Genghis

    Take out that palm tree and that picture could’ve been taken at the luas line before the Four Courts.

  2. Ronan

    40g a month? Jesus. That’s what I was smoking just before I quit, and it meant smoking every weekday evening and all day over the weekend.

    Not recommended! Everything in moderation, cheech.

  3. The Citizen

    Surprised by the shock number of comments on the cannabis related thread the other day, Broadsheet.ie realise what to throw up now that no one is cycling anymore due to the weather.

    Read the comments from the other day again – at least three of the top 6 posters were the same person….

    1. Drogg

      Yeah it got stupid the other day i can’t believe i was suckered in by a Troll but least they f**ked up and revealed themselves.

      1. The Citizen

        At least there were positives: I saw a whole side of you I believe I could grow to, if not love,at least respect and appreciate….

  4. Jimmythehead

    its a bit of a joke at this stage, ive been caught mid-smoke by members of the Gardai and they didnt even take my stuff off me…. saying that, a good friend of mine who was born in australia and lived his whole life in ireland was caught with enough soap bar for a joint. his mother presumed he was a citizen and never got the correct paperwork, so he was deported – after 18 years of living in Ireland with his mother

  5. Kieran

    If we tried to have even a debate about this, it would take just one hysterical afternoon on Liveline to shut the whole idea down for ten years.


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