Where Is My Switch Buddy?



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Peter Prunty writes:

Your readers might be interested to know about issues with the Permanent TSB Switching system. I completed the switching forms over two weeks ago now, but as yet have not spoken to my “Switcher Buddy”.

I have received account details, and even a new card, but no-one has called to inform me of a switch over date and when I can expect to start using my account.

When I rang last week, I was told the system was down, but could expect a call once it was back online. Again, I rang today, 5 days later, and the system is still down. No-one can tell me when it will be back online.

No communication has been sent to those potentially impacted, and the website contains no notice of a problem – see link below.

Their marketing campaign promises to “get back to basics”. Unfortunately it seems to be the same basic errors their competitors have been making…

25 thoughts on “Where Is My Switch Buddy?

  1. Mister Mister

    Ah Peter, would ya get out of that, you need a switch buddy to help you change accounts ?

    Knowledge economy indeed.

    1. Leaveih

      I think the point is they promise to do that for you. It’s not the difficulty of the task itself. They tell you to trust them to do it, but then don’t. Bills/standing orders could potentially go unpaid.

  2. Jockstrap

    Get onto Fiachra-Oisin, Head of Being Cuddly at Eircom. He might know Caoimheen-Fionnbarra, Head of Fake Sincerity at PTSB.

  3. Joe

    o nooo i lost my switch buddy, can i borrow someone else switch buddy.

    Seriously I’m not shocked the system crashed as they have had so many people move over recently for the “free” banking something had to give.

    Bad news for the switchers is that once you are settled in bang they will hit you with fees just like the bank ya left.

    1. paul m

      yes it is a little hard to expect a financial institution that handles hundreds of thousands of financial transactions through its systems every day to be able to manage a few thousand more new accounts flowing into it. Especially as you’d imagine theres no chance that whoever planned this campaign would have had the foresight to check if their system could handle the amount of new business they hoped to attract in such a short space of time.

      Besides, Its not as if one of their competitors, lets say oh…Ulster Bank, recently demonstrated how to get this sort of thing spectacularly wrong.

  4. JJ

    I switched to PTSB when they first started the service and they promised to transfer all direct debits across to the new account. In the end, I ended up setting up all the new direct debits and when I rang ESB, I found I wasn’t the only one.

  5. Richard

    I switched about 2 weeks ago. No hassle whatsoever.

    I still don’t know what a tracker mortgage is thou.

  6. UDP

    I started the process about the middle of July. Got a call initially from someone to go through what I needed to send in etc. Then after sending in everything I got a call about 2 weeks later (July 29th) to say that they had analysed the bank statements and gave me what they thought would be the best date in the next month to switch over the direct debits.

    Haven’t used the account yet so I can’t comment on anything regarding actually using the bank but I can’t flaw their switchover process so far anyway.

  7. Daisy Chainsaw

    Just to let you know, Ulster Bank’s Switcher Team aren’t much cop either. Had phonecalls and letters from 2 credit card companies because of missed payments and had to write a cheque to make sure my mortgage went through before having to set all the DDs up myself anyway. Could have saved myself a fair few euro in late payment fees if I’d just taken care of it myself when I opened the account.

  8. Lee

    I didn’t even know they had a switcher team and just did all the bloody switching myself, two direct debits a day til I was done.
    Prob quicker than this by the sounds of it!

  9. Gerry Johns

    All this hassle because people are too tight to pay bank charges.

    Banks won’t thank you for showing disloyalty. Trust me – I know.

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