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  1. YellowElk

    This was being advertised as a paid job on jobs.ie about a month ago. I laughed at “Sandwich Artist” then too.

    Still, there’s definitely no displacement going on with JobBridge. I’m sure it’s just some sort of coincidence.

        1. YellowElk

          Sorry Eoin, unfortunately I didn’t take a screencap at the time.

          But even now other Subway shops are advertising exactly the same job as a paid position, with full training provided and no experience required (see: http://tiny.cc/gdi81w).

    1. cluster

      Presumably JobBridge will remove this posting and try figure out why they are letting these sorts if bullsh!t postings through the net, right? Right?! RIGHT?!?

  2. Eoin

    Right, so those behind JobBridge says it only causes displacement if a job is removed and turned into a JobBridge. But obviously if JobBridge wasn’t around this company would have to hire someone to carry out this task.. So how is that not job displacement?! Can someone explain – makes no sense to me!

    1. SOMK

      It doesn’t Jobsbridge was rushed through when Fine Gael came into power, because they’d been waffling on about jobs during the campaign they needed something to show for it, this meant that the entire programe was poorly designed, poorly executed and has led to it being widely abused. There’s supposedly a vetting process that should stamp this out on application, obviously it doesn’t work. There’s been some 200 registered complaints investigated, doubt this goes anywhere near the level of actual abuse. you can complain here http://www.jobbridge.ie/feedback.aspx

  3. bisted

    …yay…first time I can say with confidence…fu*k off Subway….I was a customer ( mostly because you are right next door ) but never again.

  4. Shane

    Yeah a boycott of companies that use jobbridge for slavery is a good idea no more subs for me…this company can well afford to pay staff properly

      1. Atticus

        Yeah but surely they should monitor their franchises. Make sure they’re not using slave labour and the like.

      2. The Other Fella

        Local franchises who feed their profits to the parent company and do what they’re told.

  5. Cian

    Subway’s a franchise so avoiding all others due to one franchiser being an abusive prick isn’t very logical.

    1. cluster

      Franchises monitor behaviour and quality for exactly this reason. The whole point of a franchise is to buy into an established brand.

      ‘Tis you that’s not being logical.

  6. raskolnikov

    Ok so someone can earn €50 on top of their weekly benefit of roughly180 euro. 230 for 30 hours work. Just under 8 euro an hour. Tax free.
    How does that compare with your average subway sandwich artist?

    1. Mrs Stapleton

      Or Subway, a multi-million dollar US corporation could pay someone eight euro an hour, perhaps contribute to a pension, give them a clear achievable career plan and allow them to enjoy a little job security.

      They could, while they’re at it, pay the tax which goes with employing someone in a full-time role.

      JobBridge isn’t – and never was – about helping people into work; it’s about making it cheaper for companies to employ low-skilled workers. And the result of that aim is we get people like Subway milking it.

          1. Eliot Rosewater

            Bingo: I have been on a JobBridge and found it to be a well-organised internship that gave me some practical skills that will (soon, I hope) lead to me at least getting interviews. I’m happy with how the scheme was run in the organisation that ran it.

            But just because two people got jobs from the scheme and I can say that it may lead to a job for me doesn’t mean the scheme itself is unethical, cheapens the idea of paying people for labour and that as a scheme is open to widespread abuse by unscrupulous companies.

    2. YellowElk

      @raskolnikov – If the average paid sandwich artist is earning min wage, they’d be about €100 p/m better off than the intern, after tax. But you seem to have missed the point. If Subway takes on an intern they’re about €1100 p/m better off than if they’d taken on a paid member of staff.

      @Bingo – That’s nice. But that doesn’t make this ad any less bullsh*t.

      1. raskolnikov

        @yellow elk What point have I missed? I was asking a question. The savings that subway will be making isn’t lost on me. It hardly encourages people to come off benefit, particularly when you consider the other bonuses from remaining on it. The scheme clearly needs fixing.

        1. cluster

          The point you’re missing is that I don’t want my tax money to be spent subsidising Subway when they could be employing somebody and contributing tax to the state coffers.

          It is one thing if they were providing valuable, difficult-to-obtain experience. Making sandwiches is not an example of this.

          1. cluster

            “Ok so someone can earn €50 on top of their weekly benefit of roughly180 euro. 230 for 30 hours work. Just under 8 euro an hour. Tax free.

            Um, yes you did.

      2. Bingo

        Ah yeah, it smacks of two fat-necked local businessmen meeting in the pub & one suggesting that the other hire a ‘skivvy’. My two mates got jobs in large companies. Foot in the door, sudden vacancy, vacancy filled. You’d only take that Subway position to get out of the house during the day.

    3. curmudgeon

      The employee should get wages from their employer, not from social welfare. Jobsbridge is enabling corporate welfare.

  7. Sido

    So Broadsheet has a problem with the edible Arts? Surely,you’ve got to start at the bottom and work your way up to become a recognised sandwich artist.

  8. bawbag

    Graduated with an IT higher diploma this year.. despite all the talk of the tech economy booming, there are very, very few graduate jobs. There are, however, scores of Jobbridge’s announced every week. Go figure.

    1. Bingo

      BIG PRINT. “Minister announces 300 Tech jobs in Dublin”
      small print. “googles hungarian language dept needs staff”

    2. cluster

      Most graduate jobs require an Honours Bachelor degree or a Masters.

      You are probably one of the people who get benefit from a JobBridge ’cause you get some experience to back up your HDip.

    3. yogy

      WTF is a higher diploma?
      Go back and get a proper qualification, then you can earn the right to bitch about not finding a job…

      1. Púca

        NFQ level

        1 Level 1 Certificate
        2 Level 2 Certificate
        3 Level 3 Certificate (Junior/Inter Cert)
        4 Level 4 Certificate
        5 Level 5 Certificate (Leaving Cert)
        6 Advanced Certificate
        7 Ordinary Bachelor’s degree
        8 Hons Bachelor’s Degree/H. Diploma
        9 Master’s degree/Postgraduate diploma
        10 Doctorate degree/Higher doctorate

  9. The Other Fella

    Unemployed people’s capacity to work is a commodity that the government want businesses to buy. To encourage this process they’ve decided to flood the market with free work. It doesn’t make sense even from a neo-liberal douchebag perspective.

    1. curmudgeon

      No its not. The social pays all of it, so standard dole @ 188 + 50. The employer however, and this is the amazing part, stands to save minimum wage*40 hours. Which currently works out at €346!

      1. notmytype

        In many cases they save more because they if they hire an employee for minimum wage in many Jobbridge roles they’d be getting complaints from unions and other employees. You can’t really pay one staff member minimum wage when everyone else is getting several mulitples of that to do the same kind of work.

        They get away with paying nothing though because it’s coming from government and it’s a supposed training scheme.

      2. Miffy

        People seem to be forgetting those of us who are unemployed and under 24, as punishment for being young and unemployed we get a whole €80 less per week (so that’s €100. A week. Minus €30 rent and bills and food costs.) Realistically it’s us young and unskilled who are going to be going for that sort of job and for around 40 hours hard work (I’ve worked in a Subway before and it is not a sit on your ass job) €150 just isn’t worth it.

        1. jungleman

          Another way of looking at that system is that parents of people living at home under 25 are being told they have to foot the bill for their adult son/daughter..

          1. Miffy

            And those of us whose parents can’t or won’t ‘foot the bill’, or those of us who find living with parents unsuitable for various reasons are expected to suffer. Personally I feel I am being punished for being young, unskilled and unemployed.

  10. Stewart Curry

    Joan Bruton and the JobBridge guys are actively using social media to monitor abuses like this, so keep up the good work.


    “Joan Burton’s told the Dáil 23 companies are now removed from the scheme – but she says that’s low given that over 7,000 are taking part. The Minister’s also praised those on social media who are effectively policing the scheme:”

    1. Miffy

      Because those in her office can’t be bothered their arses to effectively police the scheme themselves, or are just too technologically inept to know where to begin.

    2. jungleman

      The Department of SW don’t want to hear any bad news. Anyone that believes otherwise is a cretin.

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