Dún Laoghaire Meets Berlin



Dún Laoghaire Harbour Company wants to create a floating pool and an urban beach facility, based on the Badeschiff facility in Berlin, above.

DLHC want to carry out the venture with Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and they hope to have it up and running by 2015.

Tomorrow, the DLHC will release details of the public consultation process on the development.

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46 thoughts on “Dún Laoghaire Meets Berlin

  1. Atticus

    “they hope to have it up and running by 2015”

    Just in time for the return of the normal Irish summer so.

  2. Missierex

    I was at the Berlin Festival in 2011 and this place was a massive nightclub! It was truly the most amazing nightclub i’ve ever been in. Well..Almost as great as Coppers! :P

      1. Missierex

        Definitely wasn’t Club Der Visionaere. It was a massive warehouse type place, but just outside it was the ‘beach’ and the floating pool. So i’m assuming it has to be the Badeschiff Facility!

        1. Salazar

          Badeschiff is part of Arena which is a large warehouse complex used for concerts – I’m guessing Missierex was there

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    It’s nice but do we need it when we live by the sea? I mean, Berlin has a massive population of 3 million and is land-locked, so yeah, give ’em a bit of beach life. There are hundreds of fine secluded swimming spots along the east coast with fine views and privacy. I don’t think we need to be all concentrated in a large public bath to have an oul swim.

    1. tarfhead

      True, but F all beach space in The Borough.

      Between the DART, private property rights and a rocky shoreline, there are too few places on the southside to go for swim in the sea.

    2. Continuity Jay-Z

      If it became a bowsie magnet then all the nice places would be free for normal people to enjoy. They should get Dutch Gold in as the corporate sponsors and then the rest of us can enjoy skanger-free amenities.

  4. Zynks

    If the parking at Dun Laoghaire harbour is a valid reference, this will be a severely over-priced cash cow.

    Add to that the type of business it is likely to attract and I think it might make money alright, but I’d rather go all the way to Berlin.

  5. Anton

    We need a victory in the war on skangers first. Then we can enjoy good public facilities like this. Cops with batons. That’ll teach them to respect the law and everyone else.

    Tired of roaming hordes of scumbags causing trouble because nobody ever challenges them. Junkie beggars getting smart with you because you don’t give them change. They’ll be lucky not to get a broken jaw next time.

  6. JoeyJoeJoe

    Lovely idea but unfortunately – as many have pointed out – it’ll be a magnet for, erm, undesirables.

    Berlin also has photo-booths – the old fashioned ones with the curtains, right out on street corners. How long would these last in Dublin without being vandalised beyond belief? About two hours.

    You would need heavy security – and we don’t want to pay for that.

    1. El Cuno

      Everyone (including me) said that about Dublin Bikes as well, but so far that is working well.

      Sometimes people can surprise you when you provide nice facilities….

      1. JoeyJoeJoe

        Take your point on the Dublin bikes thing but it’s apples and oranges – do an outdoor event in Dublin and it’s a scobe-magnet – see the Euro 2012 thing down at the Grand Canal Dock last summer – Dublin bike stands don’t tend to draw a large crowd.

        We have roaming bands of scumbags who can basically do what they want short of looting and persistent GBH.

        1. Mikeyfex

          Just a thought right now. Has the introduction of the Dublin bikes led to an increase in bike theft over the last few years? The Dublin bikes don’t seem that easy to set free from their depots so perhaps rather than targeting those, the ne’erdowells we speak of just say ‘I want a bike like everyone else but I’ll just take one that doesn’t need my credit card details’

        2. Am I still on This Island

          Security at DL harbour is quite effective and heavy handed. They dont tolerate to many skobies.

          1. B Bop

            True & those amusements on the Carlisle Pier in July were completely knacker free!
            (A mere 2 security guys at entrance)
            All nice people having the lovely Dun Laoire times!

      2. durt

        I agree, there’s too much “you couldn’t have that in Dublin” Look at the success of the Dublin. All that is required is a decent level of security and policing at the beginning until it becomes self policed in a way by those that use the facility. You can’t let the scrotes take over. if you want to look at how excellent Irish people can behave is look at the Crowd at Dublin v Kerry on Sunday. There will be up to 85,000 fans and less than 50 additional Garda to deal with little or no trouble. Show me any other city in the world that can match those stats

    2. cluster

      A bit over the top, JoeyJoeJoe.

      There is a ‘undesireable’ underclass in Ireland, similar to that in the UK, partly due to our high birth rate, possibly due to lax policing, possible due to higher levels of inequality in Ireland/UK compared to the continent.

      That being said, I rarely experience or even see trouble from these sorts at public events. IMO we have a much bigger issue with a proportion of people of all ages from ‘good backgrounds’ feeling the need to get blind drunk every time they leave the house.

      1. EBS

        Have you been to sandycove beach, bullock harbour, killiney beach etc on a sunny day? Flaggins, bottles, cans, pissing, fightin, shouting, getoblasters, filthy nappies, wallops.

    3. Kieran

      Agreed. We can rarely have nice things, it seems.

      It’s what happens when parents aren’t responsible for their children, and the entire country seems to relish giving the Gardai a proverbial kicking at every opportunity.

      When you systematically disrespect the law and its enforcers, scums gonna bag.

      1. cluster

        Nonsense, if managed properly we can have whatever we want – see Luas, Dublin Bikes etc. Sure, security and a bit of thought may be needed.

        This argument reminds me of those given when the public toilets were shut down – they attract rent boys and junkies. As if this did happen in every city. And as if, policing this wasn’t a natural part of the job of the Gardai.

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