Irish Newbies



Excuse the mess.

We’ve had a ‘bit’ of a Summer.

Some of the 1,000 new Irish citizens – 140 of whom were asylum seekers – presented with Irish citizenship at a Citizenship Ceremony in the Convention centre, Dublin, this afternoon.

From top: Hira Shah from Pakistan and her mother Nasreen Shah; Larisa Malakhovskaya and daughters Anna and Marina from Belarus; Faye, Raymar and six-year-old Yanni Abando from the Philippines; imi Ogunyemi from Nigeria with his sister Kemi Ogunyemi and partner Karli Mulvaney; Perpetual Imansuen from Nigeria; Nicoleta Sinevici from Romania, and Huda Albayati helping her parents, Issa Bakal and Souhila A Rashed from Iraq.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

45 thoughts on “Irish Newbies

    1. yadayada

      You know…there’s racism everywhere. Unfortunate but it’s always there. We’re not the best, but we’re not the worst either. Too quick to beat ourselves up about stuff – generally speaking, Ireland’s not racist or homophobic or any of the other nasty things.

      1. Quint

        Agree. The only time I saw open racism was in Australia and the UK. I think we’re generally ok here.

        1. Sopwith

          I grew up in Africa. I’m white. Racism was directed at me. As said above, it’s everywhere. Get over it, I did.

        1. SirTwoToneOReills

          If you enlarge the pictures you can see where they live and their phone numbers.

          Joke…I think???

      1. misterboyle

        I think it’s a great reflection on our society that no matter where they’re from, what colour or ethnicity they are, as long as they’re hot

  1. kololo

    Heartwarming..great to see. I especially like the photo of the older couple from Iraq. Can’t be easy to move at that age, I picture my parents having to do it and it’s upsetting to think about. Welcome to all.

      1. cluster

        These people will have been here at least five years. I imagine any umbrellas are long bought.

  2. cluster

    On a day where we have been talking about the Father Molloy and a wishy-washy piece of lobbying legislation, this points to something positive and hope for the future.

    These ceremonies are something Shatter should be given credit for. Hopefully he will follow through and put them on a legislative footing.

  3. Eric T

    Welcome to all, the newest members of “Operation increase the depth of Ireland’s gene puddle”.

    Who knows; in a few generations, we might actually be considered decent to look at!

    yaaaaaaaaaar, we’re not attractive…

  4. yadayada

    Suggest a caption competition for what Perpetual Imansuen’s thinking (F*ck! This is Ireland; meant to apply to Britain!)

    1. Quint


      We need thousands more, preferably single immigrants and to start breeding. BY about 2050 we could be considered a good-looking race, all going well.

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