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  1. ivan

    dunno – if there’s a half a chance that the person who gets the job will end up working there full time it’s not THAT bad – I mean, it’s a genuine internship; somebody out of college with no work experience will benefit from this, even if not financially.

    Either way, it’s better than the Subway Sandwich Artist, no?

    1. Pidgeon

      Def better than Subway. And if HSE moratorium on hiring still in place, then the only chance you are going to get experience in Ireland unless through a private company.

      1. dylad

        I think Conor Galvin needs to wake up. I would have been glad of this opportunity like this after completing my science degree.

        1. Pidgeon

          My thoughts too! Science jobs are hard enough to come by and almost impossible without experience.

          1. pendaticduck

            They would be less hard to come by if the HSE decided that they would to hire graduates without experience.

          2. Pidgeon

            Totally agree but its a bit more subtle than that. If you dont have experience, you aren’t going to get a job. So you need to get some – I interned to get experience to get to where I am. It sucked but I got there. And its all well and good to say if you take that, you are a sucker. But what else should people do in the meantime? Sit around scratching themselves?

          3. BravoovarB

            But you still have to go through an interview process to get the internship. What are the chances this job will go to the guy who came from a working class family with no connections.

        2. Madouveh on the Dole

          Just goes to show that the powers that be have turned young, educated people on this island into a bunch of low expectation havin’ muthaf*ckas.

          You’re a sad example of how low the bar has fallen

          1. Pidgeon

            Surely its about trying to get a job. Its not the ideal situation but sometimes you have to do shit jobs to get to better ones.

        3. Michael

          But it’s pretty much ruled out to everyone who graduated this year. You have to claim dole for 3 months before you can apply to JobBridge.

        4. bounce

          You’re missing the point here. The HSE thinks it’s acceptable to hire graduates for €50 a week to do jobs that are critical to the success of patients that depend on them. You have to pay employees a reasonable wage to reflect the importance of the job. If this was a porter I could understand the rationale but for a lad tech it’s unacceptable.

          1. Siobhán

            These positions used to be called Entry Level and were waged. The dole + 50 bucks would have you struggling to pay transport unless you lived virtually next door. So pretty much these internships are costing folks money to work. If you tolerate this… etc. I sympathise, Were it me, I’d probably take it up too rather than sit around ‘scratching myself’ but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t object / protest.

        5. Rac

          I think that this is the exact kind of thing job bridge should be used for. I have a science degree and when I first graduated could find no jobs in my field, paid or unpaid. I’m now working in insurance. Most of my friends in the same boat haven’t got science jobs

    2. Tommy

      What a golden opportunity! Rather than give the best person they job let’s give them a nine month trial whilst keeping them on the dole. Surely the ends must justify the means. Jobs are everything and you will do whatever it takes to have a job.

      1. fluffybiscuits

        @Madouveh on the Dole That is my thoughts exactly. The expectations for our graduates are so low now they are willing to work for pittance. Its slave labour people, do not apply for it unless financial constraints are REALLY bad.

  2. dylad

    Isn’t this a genuine internship? For a grad it would be very good experience, as they won’t have a notion of med lab systems.

    1. DepthChargeEthel

      There used to be such a thing as junior lab positions, where people got paid a low wage while training up to work in labs and again they would usually be lined up for a job there afterwards. Now let go after 9 months free labour because there is a hiring embargo in place…

  3. DepthChargeEthel

    If the HSE moratorium still exists then you ain’t gonna get a job at the end of it anyway, so it is not an appropriate internship. They should only create internships where an actual job will be created at the end of it; otherwise it is just free labour. It is a dishonest system used to fudge statistics about joblessness/jobfullness there is no impetus on creating proper paid employment from this scheme. Wrong wrong wrong

  4. ellis

    Oh it gets better


  5. Original Cynic

    Sounds like squeezing nine months free labour from someone before they have to go abroad to get an actual job. May work well for the internee as gaining practical experience but let’s be honest and call it what it is.

  6. Madouveh on the Dole

    What a pathetic system. So glad my science degree offers a work placement during 3rd year.

    And to the chorus of muppets saying “you should feel lucky to get it”, you’re not part of the problem, you ARE the problem. The people who administer these schemes are banking on a bunch of plebeians like yourselves, to roll over onto your tummy, and say thank you.

    1. Pidgeon

      So what should people do if they don’t have experience? Should they not apply because that will show them?

        1. Pidgeon

          Which are very competitive and/or rare, some of which want you to have experience to show you are committed to the field.

          1. Tommy

            Ok then be a loser and work for free. Undercut your classmates in a desperate race to the bottom. Maybe give out handjobs in the interview if it gets you that job.

  7. elsie

    Absolutely disgraceful. Why would any young person stay in this country? We educate them and then place no value on them with things like this.

    1. Madouveh on the Dole

      Exactly, hence why my most interesting and talented friends….live in London….*sigh – sad face*

    2. cluster

      Internships following university are a common feature of the employment landscape for graduates in many countries, not just Ireland.

      1. Disasta

        In countries that have a lower cost of living and similarly paid internships? Oh ye there are.

  8. Pedanto

    Things this government is most often criticised for:

    1. Keeping the financial commitments made by the state.
    2. A successful initiative to increase tourism.
    3. A successful initiative to increase employment.

    Bastards, eh?

      1. Pedanto

        It makes it easier for employers to expand their workforce. Abuses aside, and admittedly there seem to be plenty, this will result in real jobs for people.

        What would your alternative be?

        1. Tommy

          “It makes it easier for employers to expand their workforce.”

          How does it make it easier?

          My alternative would be to scrap the minimum wage and not to interfere in the private employment market. Reduce the red tape and costs associated with employing people. Reduce rates on businesses.

          1. serveandreturn

            So you want to champion the rights of workers by removing the safety net of the minimum wage? Under your free market utopia, should the hourly wage of a lab technician be decided by how many people apply for the job?

          2. Pedanto

            It makes it cheaper to take someone on and gives you a period to decide whether yo ucan afford them full-time. Meanwhile, the interns getsexperience and fills a gap in their CV.

            Scrapping the minimum wage would create horrific poverty. Even the low minimum in the States is disastrous for the poor.

          3. Disasta

            Makes it cheaper to take someone on. Course it does. You are riding the person you take on.

            I’m in one of these now. Getting paid 230, 50 more than dole, to work 37 hours at something I’m more than qualified to do. Just to get my “foot in the door”. What bull, 2-3 weeks in a job they’d know I’m well capable. But this bullshit internship will see me serve 9 months on what is no better than the dole when it comes to moving out and renting alone.

    1. Kieran


      We know it’s not perfect, ideal or easy. But what’s the alternative? The silence is deafening.

  9. Mileysilage

    So, you can stay on the dole and not get any experience in your field, or you can go get experience in a lab, that will make you more employable to a private companies. Given the circumstances, this offer is a positive thing not negative.

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