Stephen’s Green Traffic Plan



Dublin City Council writes:

“The council announced today that work will begin on the St. Stephen’s Green Traffic Management Scheme on 9th September and expects all work to be completed by late November this year.”

“The new arrangements will make it easier for public and private transport to travel around St. Stephen’s Green, while also improving access to car parks in the area and reducing the need to use Dawson Street as a through route. The most significant changes are new right turns at St. Stephen’s Green’s junctions with Harcourt St and Merrion Row. Other improvements will include new cycle lanes, pedestrian crossings, dublinbikes stations and measures which will improve bus operations around St. Stephen’s Green.”

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26 thoughts on “Stephen’s Green Traffic Plan

      1. Richie

        Since 2000, there’s been countless rearrangements by the council of the traffic around St. Stephen’s Green. It’s a mess, and the council aren’t making it any better.

        1. Jack Charlton

          It’s not a mess, it’s navigable if you’ve a head on your shoulders. What’s more, their recent efforts (published above) are an obvious attempt at making it better. Just because it’s a DCC Public Realm scheme doesn’t immediately and automatically make it a bad thing. Your reactions and judgments are annyoing

    1. cluster

      I’m not sure I disagree but I don;t see why implementing a new traffic plan around Stephen’s Green indicates this.

        1. Chris

          I’d be worried how they intend coping with the already jammed Baggot street the entire way to Ballsbridge.

          “We’ve a bit of a Jam there lads heading down Baggot street every evening!!”

          “We’ll direct a few hundred more cars at it. See if that sorts it!”

          1. Medium Sized C

            If such a broad well marked straightforward drive as Baggot street is a problem there will be no fixing it.

            Every road that goes anywhere in Dublin is mad at rush hour. Its because there are too many vehicles.

  1. Intact

    Hope they do a tidy job on the bike lanes – at the moment The Green is a bit of a bike lane wilderness.

    1. Collie147

      I wouldn’t call it a wilderness where the south west corner is a car sized bike lane and the contra-flow bus lane is now open to bikes. I would say that there are a few bikes who don’t know which lane to cycle in.

      1. f-mong

        if you’re coming from the NCH hall on a bike, you set off at the lights, you have traffic merging on your left, and more then likely a bus or two on your right shoulder, basically you just keep peddling and peddling and peddling and hope everyone can see you, until you get a gap to swing left to wards the kerb again… it’s exhilarating stuff

        1. bruce01

          Yeah its a beauty to behold, come off Leeson right onto the Green, and just shoot straight down the middle. Ahhh.

  2. part time punk

    Having cars able to turn right from the Green onto Merrion row is going to make things harder for bikes, even those that stop at red lights, don’t cycle on the pavement, don’t wear head phones etc.

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      You’ve obviously been gone long enough to succumb to the country mindset of Dublin driving being absolutely terrifying – any more than one lane on each side and they’re fcuked

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