ONE Heatwave Since Records Began



Aimée Stewart, of Infographic Natives, writes:

This is a graphic I did using  Met Eireann data analysing whether this summer was the nicest ever.

Very depressingly the data reveals we’ve had one, singular, heatwave since records began in the 40s. Anyone remember 1995?


Infographic Natives

42 thoughts on “ONE Heatwave Since Records Began

  1. IDB

    What does proximity to centre mean on this? As in, what’s the difference between a short line and a long line or a circle in the centre versus one on the edge?

    1. Cloud

      Each line is a summer, denoted by the numbers around the edge. The distance from the centre is the temperature reached, the circle represents the rainfall.

      Quite simple actually.

    2. Aimee Stewart

      The longer the line the higher the score on the index. Its a formula so the hard numbers aren’t very meaningful but suffice to say, the closer to the centre, the more miserable! It starts at 500 and goes up in 50s, changing colour as it goes to a new band.

    1. Sgt. Bilko

      “Pet peeve of the day…”

      Why? I only ask, because I’d hate to miss out on a peeve I could be petting myself.

  2. Banner

    A heatwave is defined as five consecutive days where the maximum temperature is 5 degrees above average. I find it hard to believe that there has only been one event of that kind in Dublin since record began, especially after the epa said there were 7 such events in the country in the last 30 years at the start of the summer.

    1. fits

      A heatwave is defined as different things by different people! For some its consecutive days with max temp above 30 degrees

      1. smoothlikemurphys

        “For some its consecutive days with max temp above 30 degrees”

        Nonsense – Surely a heatwave can only be determined against the average. Unless you think that people living in areas where the average temperature is consistently above 30 degrees consider themselves to be in a heatwave every day?

  3. gerrys30klasertherapist

    The summer of ’95 was the best I remember as I spent many a sunny day on the beaches of Long Island.
    Long beach had to be my favourite.
    1994 was the summer of the world cup in America that Brazil won. June and July were just glorious. August, not so much. September brought us an Indian summer too, as far as I can remember? The Ireland v Italy game in Giants stadium was even better than you can imagine :) Have a nice day everybody :)

  4. sinabhfuil

    Ah yes, that summer when the entire journalistic staff of the Irish Press group were out on the streets rallying and marching to stop the newspaper group closing. Glorious days, yeh

  5. Sham Bob

    The chart is quite clear in illustrating the main point – that there’s only been one heatwave since records began. With the circular axis and the rain circles, it would be difficult to see any trends with this chart. That has advantages for someone who wants to talk about climate without bringing up climate change.

  6. Simon

    In 95 I was working for a stationery supply company in Dublin and you couldn’t get an electric fan for love nor money. Everyone was ordering them off us and we couldn’t fill the orders.

    It was also the year that the office water-cooler took off. A company called Aquaporte had set up a few years earlier with limited success and in 95 business boomed and shortly after they were bought out by Ballygowan.

    I remember 83 and 84 well, in Connemara. Glorious weather.

  7. paul

    95 was special. First time many places in Ireland hit 30 degrees. I was away all that year in Prague and the weather was actually hotter in Ireland most of that summer. I missed all but about 4 days of this summer because of work but people were talking about 22 degrees one weekend as ‘heatwave’, it’s not.

  8. Pablo

    I was on my j1 in 95. I landed home malnourished and with liver problems to find everyone in Dublin walking around in shorts with deep tans. An typiculock ar fad.

  9. Uncle Andy

    ’95, glorious, the summer they filmed Neil Jordan’s Michael Collins fillum in Grangegorman. They put out a call for extras in long coats, I’ve always regretted not going but I was having a great time drinking cold beer & watching movies in Belfast.

  10. DeadIT

    Excellent infographic for instant comparison purposes. Which is the point of these graphics I guess

    Nice work Ms Stewart

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