43 thoughts on “The Return Of Vinyl

  1. Micko

    I find the concept of modern musicians recording on on digital and then releasing on Vinyl amusing.

    Sam as folks recording on tape and then putting it on a cd/mp3

    1. VictorRomeo

      Not all. Many prefer the entire process to be analog – Arcade Fire is a good example.

      But yes, the sentiment is broadly correct.

      The other thing that makes me smile is the modern hangup on the medium or format having anything to do with overall audio quality. It’s all in the engineering, production and mastering…. If it’s junk, it’ll always sound junk….

  2. Tommy

    “Tactile feel” “fuller listening”.

    All wishy washy bollocks that doesn’t stand up to any kind of scrutiny. Try some blind listening tests and see if people hear or care about a difference.

    1. Bacchus

      some people may not hear or care but there is a clear difference. Please don’t throw in “blind hearing tests” as if it lends your opinion some validity. It doesn’t.

      If it’s not for you then fine… stick to your 128kbs MP3s but don’t attack those who do “get” it.

        1. Bacchus

          I use my ears… they work just fine. CD is generally sterile, cassette was never a contender and compressed MP3s are unlistenable. Vinyl is never sterile and uncompressed – depending on recordings obviously. Who needs a multi meter?)

          1. Tommy

            You are making this stuff up. A blind testing and you’d be found out fairly quick. You are seeing these differences, not hearing them.

          2. Atticus

            There’s truth in what you say, but I guarantee you couldn’t tell the difference in a blind hearing.

            You get more respect if you just said you prefer vinyl because it’s cooler…..which it is.

          3. Rob_G

            “CD is generally sterile, cassette was never a contender and compressed MP3s are unlistenable”

            Listen to whatever you want to listen to, but you are seriously talking through your hoop with the above statement.

        1. timbot

          Honestly, saying that you prefer vinyl to mp3 seems about as controversial an idea as saying you prefer paperback to hardback. Even though scientific tests PROVE that people can’t tell the difference between text printed on hardback and paperback novels. THOSE DAMN HIPSTERS WITH THEIR HARDBACKS!

          1. Collie147

            in fairness, if an album is recorded and mastered to be reproduced on good quality vinyl it will sound excellent played on vinyl. There is a lot more thought that has to go into it as the sounds being reproduced have to conform to physical capability of the medium, i.e. reproducing certain frequencies at certain volumes are limited as vinyl recreates the vibrations, most pop/rock records were made on recycled vinyl, which also reduced the quality due to imperfections in the vinyl. Record players also make a huge difference to how the sound is reproduced, as in needles will bounce and their movement speed is limited depending on how they are mounted, also in the amplifier certain frequencies of the playback are modified to be louder/softer etc. The same can be said for MP3s, certain programs can encode wav/aac/flac or raw files better than others, but that said any joe soap can turn a CD into an MP3.
            Personally the best recordings I’ve ever heard have been on good quality, high fidelity (not your thrown around Hi-Fi logo) sound systems, in a warm room with a high ceiling. Most of those were CDs but I’d have to say some of the vinyls were better, because the songs were mastered for that medium. MP3s never hold out to CD or properly mastered vinyl. There are differences, no matter how high the sampling frequencies are.

    2. timbot

      True, you know what, why limit the idea? All sports events should cease and we can just run projections based on bookie’s odds. Actually, let’s do the same for elections and let’s settle all controversial debates by a poll of a statistically signifcant number of people.
      And no more food for you plebs! It’s scientifically approved nutrition pills from now on.
      What other wishy washy bollocks can we turn on next? SCIENCE IS POWER AND TOMMY IS THE SCIENCE KING.

      1. Joxer

        ha ha you guys should hang out with my mates….they are down to the level of whether its okay to have reproductions when deejaying or staying OVO (original vinyl only).

        perish the thought of digitial format music being considered :)

        1. Timbot

          Scientists have proven that although people prefer their food in meal form there is no difference to the body between a steak and chips and the equivelant nutrition in pull form. Only hipsters eat meals!

  3. Atticus

    As a person that has thousands of vinyl records, mainly from my DJing days of my youth, and who still buys the odd record here and there, I find the “superior sound” argument a load of bollox. I doubt there’s anybody in the world that could tell the difference, apart from the hiss and crackle you get from vinyl, but you can just add that digitally.

    That said, vinyl still rocks!

  4. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

    People enjoy buying and listening to vinyl.
    So let them.

    Although some people enjoy whining about every little thing on internet forums I suppose…

        1. Micko

          Finally a subject that I know something about comes up on Broadsheet

          And you’re not going to ruin it for me buddy!!!!

  5. TK ickle

    tbh to notice the difference you would need a really, really good (usually expensive) sound system with the likes of B&W speakers.

    Even Steve Jobs was looking to replicate vinyl.

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