Do You Know This Man?


1262459_4880869754676_1978532716_o03_h3_black_camera_inhousing_glam(Mystery buff Sligo bather, top, and, above, the underwater-friendly GoPro Hero3)

Noel Ballyntyne writes:

While walking on beach [name witheld] in Sligo on Sunday, we found a GoPro Hero3 underwater sports camera. The image above is a still from the last video made on the camera. Can you please share with your wiseass, cranky helpful readers to see by the power of sharing if the camera can be returned to its owner.



UPDATE: Man found!


30 thoughts on “Do You Know This Man?

  1. Dufresne2012

    What if the owner of the camera was drowned by the man in the picture and it was taken mid-drowning? Maybe the Go Pro owner took one last picture to help the world trace his killer?

    Or maybe it’s a selfie by the owner (less interesting version)

        1. Mick Flahavan

          Its possible that humans evolved on a different planet and were transported to earth as a joke or punishment or experiment or something.

  2. Andrew

    It’s mounted on the front of his board so it may have had one of the bright orange flotation backings attached in which case it could indeed have come from a very, very long way away indeed. Or maybe he just threw it away because he heard the Hero 3+ was about to be announced

  3. John

    All digital camera store EXIF data hidden within pictures,
    EXIF data is usually, date and time, exposure.etc

    If you check the original picture, not one resized for, you will know when the picture was taken, as long as the camera has the right time.

    the EXIF data in above image looks modified, due to web publishing.
    it says,
    modify 2013-10-01T04:16:22-07:00
    create 2013-10-01T04:16:22-07:00
    CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90

  4. Lisa

    someone on irish tow surf page put this up and a guy said its “Rob Jones from Kerry Sail Company”

    Noel if you email me i’ll get sorted out with a number etc…..

  5. Noel

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I have also been in contact with Bundoran Surf Company, the Garda. etc

    John: re the EXIF data it the pictures the date is set incorrectly, but by taking a picture and working things out the camera was probably lost on the weekend of 22nd Sept 2013. And the picture I posted is a screengrab from the last video.

    I have a feeling that the owner is not Irish.

    Thanks to Lisa for been in contact.

    1. Mikeyfex

      I stood where you stood, Noel, bangin headache included. Good on you for trying to get the camera back to it’s owner.

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