This Is Sphincter Pig


onetwoYesterday evening – with a pair of free tickets to Mistaken for Strangers TONIGHT at the OneToOne Music Documentary festival at the Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield, Dublin to give away – we asked: Were YOU in a band?

You responded in your dozens.


(Oik) “I want these tickets because I was in a band called Girl Attack that didn’t make it because we were a bunch of 10 year old divas who couldn’t accept the lead singer was more talented and deserved her role. We were definitely going to be the next Spice Girls, damn egos!”

(Rozling) “I want these tickets because I was in a band called Love Divided that didn’t make it because we all moved to different countries.truestory.jpg.”

(Monkeman) “I want these tickets because I was in a band called Sphincter Pig that didn’t make it because of musical differences, and weed, lots of weed…”

(Dash Rickwood) “I want these tickets because I was in a band called Johnny Blue and the Superkings, we didn’t make it because various members neglected to turn up for various events/rehearsals. Damn, for all I know, we’re still going.”


(Gustav) “I want these tickets because I was in a band called Hard that didn’t make it because when we were 14, at our first gig in our school with my parents in attendance, we got on stage, punched the air (thinking we were hilarious) and yelled “We are Hard!” which was followed by the loudest, ear-piercing microphone feedback that seemed to last for an eternity, cutting out the power completely in the process.
The four of us stood on stage frozen for at least five minutes while being heckled and laughed at before we were told to leave the stage as the sound engineer scrambled to fix the problem. Even though we hadn’t even played one note, the band disbanded soon after for obvious reasons. School was hard.”

Thanks all.

OneToOne Music Documentary festival (Lighthouse)

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Thanks Tom Lowe

5 thoughts on “This Is Sphincter Pig

  1. James M.Chimney


    I was in few failed bands. Not because we were bad it’s just that we lacked drive.

    Our first incarnation was a band that did Dutch prog-rock covers. “I cant believe it’s not Focus” lasted for a few glorious weeks in the late 80’s including a support slot in the long gone Baggot Inn. Some said our version of Hocus Pocus was the best 17 minutes of music they’d ever heard.

    Next up was the “Identical Cocteau Twins” we played the odd night in Dame Street’s Underground. Shoegazing had yet to happen and our dreamy soundscapes we’re pretty much lost on a crowd which included a bin man called Tony Daly who’d roar “Frank Sinatra stole my voice!!” at the goth girls that assembled to listen to our heavily treated guitars wash through the narrow venue. It was probably the only time The Underground got a wash. The band went our separate way. Emma went on to form a band called “Lush” which were signed to 4AD a number of years later.

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