Staying In Tomorrow?


imageCoogan. BOD. Farrell.

Plus a heart-rending story of a person overcoming illness against the odds bravely and is now happier than ever thanks mainly to prayer and the wonderful staff at [names private hospital].


BOD, Farrell, Coogan all on Late Late Show (RTE)

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22 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

  1. Mickage

    Always the God message on Tubridy’s shows. They haven’t gone away you know.

    No matter who is on the Late Late, there’ll always be Rubbery who makes it unwatchable.

    Anyone else notice how none of the satire shows ever do a Tubridy? Not one of them.

  2. diddy

    It doesnt matter whos on this show Once tubridy is hosting it. If a guest meanders off in an interesting tangent Tubridy has no idea go with it. Instead he drags the interview back to the central bullet point script he has on his Q card. He’s a stiff. O Connor on Saturday night is much more relaxed.

  3. diddy

    he doesnt ask the questions you would ask at home and rarely tries anything anti establishment or risky.. He needs to go

  4. Mickage

    RTE thought Tubridy was their great conservative hope to replace Gaybo’s faux liberalism. But now they don’t know what to do with him. He bombed a long time ago but he’s in the in-set, friends in the right places. He appeals to a very narrow cohort of youngish conservative married couples who live within a 15 minute drive of RTE (or their rural equivalent in the big house just outside town).

  5. gallantman

    One of the ‘Brazzers’ from Love /Hate is coming on to allay the fears of the nation that she is being paid money in return for sexual favours.

  6. Dave

    Bollox. I was in the audience last week (free ticket) and the line up was shite, I didn’t know a single person. Also got €150 of hair care products for my baldy head as the “one for every person in the audience” prize. And one week later we get a stellar line up. Raging now.

  7. Arcol

    The Late Late has been pretty poor for years, and I wouldn’t be a big fan of Tubridy, but some of the bashing he gets online is out of place. At least here. Maybe on if needs be. Or just don’t watch the show.

  8. 09568450968

    hehe.Broadsheet you are probably quite sensible in removing that post.Alan is definitely more Tubridy than Pat kenny. ;)

  9. Quint

    Poor Coogan won’t know what to make of the show. Will be weird for him meeting a real-life version of Alan Partridge.

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