As If It Had Never Been There


plinthThe now plinth-less junction outside Dublin Castle at Dame Street and Lord Edward Street, Dublin earlier.

All better

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10 thoughts on “As If It Had Never Been There

  1. Sgt. Bilko

    Ah, a quadrilateral of poorly laid tarmac that looks nothing like anything around it. Dublin’s streets needed another one of those.

  2. pmc

    Y’all may scoff, but here in Belgium that would have taken at least 3 weeks and in the end would look worse than it did at the start. I miss Ireland :(

    1. Joe835

      Sorry but I think we’ve established a narrative on this site that Ireland is the worst at everything and we need to hang our heads in shame at everything including, y’know, remedial works on a street.

  3. clarky

    except the bollards remain.

    so if you drive like it’s ‘as if it had never been there’, you’re in for a surprise

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