9031818590318180Scenes from today’s Citizenship Ceremony at the National Convention Centre, Dublin.

From top: Ranu Rashid, Iwona Wine, Gloria and Mercy Nwanja; Sanzida Besum; Evelina Makarova; inside the convention centre and in the lobby following the ceremony.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

59 thoughts on “New Sisters

  1. Mickage

    “Ah it’s too warm”
    “I will in me shih”
    “Will ye look at yer man”
    “Ye put the heart crossways in me”
    “You better bring a jumper, it might be cold in Greece”

    Well done, you’ve passed the test. Here’s your certificate.

  2. S

    Afraid there’s been a mistake in the captioning lads, fifth one down a friend of mine – her name is Evelina Makarova :)

  3. chris

    Congrats to all the new Paddies.
    Just hope they can survive here, and not have to emigrate to find work.

  4. munkifisht

    A lot of people bemoan Ireland, so it’s brilliant to see people actually glad to be part of such a wonderful country. Ceád Mile Failte to all.

  5. Pidgeon

    Happens every time. Thankfully its late so we might miss out on the “immigrants stealing everything” comments.

    1. chris

      Don’t get me started on the immigrants!
      Damn Polish, came over here, took all our jobs, then took those jobs back to Poland.
      Damn English. Came over here, took all our land, took all our women, then took them all back to England.
      Damn Vikings. came over here, took all our monasteries, took all our monks, took them back away to Vikingland!

  6. The Doc

    Is this ceremony not about integration into the Irish culture. Why are so any dressed in clothes advertise the fact that they are not culturally Irish.

    1. Friday

      Please, explain to me what “culturally Irish” is so I can see if I fit it. Does it mean white, Catholic, and prone to drinking heavily? The people above are now Irish citizens. They are Irish people with a culture, so they’re culturally Irish.

    2. ahjayzis

      Integration, not assimilation.

      The Irish who go to Dubai for work don’t don a hijab or quit the drink, they still integrate though.

        1. chris

          I dunno though…
          Some of them would look quite comfortable in the aran sweater, flat cap and wellies. Maybe the pint and th’auld pipe too.
          Maybe we should all be obliged to step back a couple of hundred years so we can all be cultural stereotypes. At least ‘poor’ would look good on us then.

        2. ahjayzis

          What’s wrong with added diversity though? New foods, new ways of thinking about things, new perspectives. It’s fresh blood. They’ll change sure, they’ll find a happy balance between their native culture and their adopted one – but what do we gain if we force an Indian woman or a Nigerian man to become carbon copy of some undefined idea of an Irish man and woman?

      1. myownself

        what clothes are ‘culturally irish’? As irish people are we obliged to wear a piece of ‘culturally irish’ clothing at all times?

        1. Bangalore

          Tracksuit tucked into your socks and a Man United Jersey. Just like our father’s father’s father

    3. Mickage

      I’m not typically Irish. I hate small talk. I don’t tolerate mediocrity, tardiness and self pity. And I think we should have converted to Protestantism in the reformation.

      Am I not worthy of being Irish?

    4. Sham Bob

      Yes, they should’ve gone down to Guiney’s for some culturally Irish anoraks before the ceremony.

  7. CK

    always seem to walk past when this event happens, very touching to see them holding the citizenship certificate and having pics taken, good to see some people are proud to be Irish, up for the challenge and thankful for being giving a chance.

  8. Eric T

    Iwona and Evelina are hot.

    There. I said it. Someone had to.

    (and here’s a pre-emptive “Oh yes they did”)

    1. Friday

      Yeah, those white chicks are HAWT, amirite bro?

      *high five*


      Why do you need to say it? Why does anyone need to say it? Is it not possible to keep it inside your head? Do you think it’s flattering, or that you spewing all your stream of consciousness mind vomit is more important than other people feeling safe and not perved on?

      I know your comment will be deleted soon (like all the other ones that said the same thing) and this reply will go too, but I really wanted to tell you to cop yourself on.

      1. Eric T

        Ah cry me a river, would ya? and I’m a racist now too am I? Intriguing.

        Comments on both sexes hotness are regularly posted here, sometimes by staff – Like simply one example of the surfer guy who lost his gopro camera, and they got it back for him. Lots of references to him being hot etc. Did you fly to the rescue then? “HOW DARE YOU DEMEAN THIS MAN WHO LOST HIS CAMERA WITH YOUR HORRIBLE BLAHBLAHBLAH” I seriously doubt it. Do you think that was an effort to flatter the guy? (German, I think he was) Did the bat-signal need a change of light-bulb on that day?

        Hi Pidgeon! Here are all your points back.

        1. Pidgeon

          I’ll swap my points for just one of these stories where people manage to keep their tongues in their heads rather than sniffing around like randy teenagers going “zomg, gurrls”, thanks.

          Good job reading in the “racism” there though.

          1. Eric T

            Well the girls i mentioned were specifically described by Friday as the white ones. Something that hadn’t even figured in my mind. So yeah, implying that I went straight for the white girls would imply a level of it.

            What about that economist guy who gets called “hot” or a variant on it when he is mentioned here (i cant remember his name). Does that disgust you too?

          2. Pidgeon

            Eric. You do know it is possible to have a wider understanding of sexism right? The objectification of men is just as bad and makes fools of women as well. HOWEVER, how often that does in comparison to the objectification of women? Why did BS put up pics of lovely ladies instead of some manly studs? Because it is guaranteed to get men coming on here to have a bit of an ogle. And it piss me off. I’d be wiser to give this kind of sh*te a miss.

          3. Eric T

            I’m not offended with what you say is objectification of men and what I say is just a harmless comment on a person’s appearance, regardless of gender. “that guy/girl is cute/hot” =/= “WOAH BRO, I WANNA HIT THAT!”

            You think BS put this post here as click bait to get men to come and ogle the girls? That is completely absurd and a pretty serious accusation. You’d probably be wiser to not skew everything you see into the narrow point of view you have.

        2. Mikeyfex

          With Eric on this one. Bit of an over-the-top response from Friday. And isn’t anyone who says anything on here is spewing a stream of consciousness mind vomit really?

          1. Pidgeon

            True. But its endless. And sometimes you just get really really really f**king sick of “hey, look its a woman!! Lets all judge her by her appearances first and achievements second! It will be great!!” And Eric’s schoolyard pride in pointing out the “hot chicks” to his friends?

          2. Eric T

            Jesus Christ; “schoolyard pride”?… “pointing it out to my friends”?… who the f*ck are you talking about? It’s the comments section of BS, not a bus to a class trip.

            you’re just taking something you see and running your imagination on it to your hearts content, because that’s what fits with what you want it to be.

            Well… we are on the internet after all, I suppose it’s par for the course.

          3. Mikeyfex

            Ya, it’s sure not for everyone. But, Rob heffernan’s package article, Futureproof guy’s letter to the Global Warning deniers, and of course the prison guards calender. Yes, all articles where BS pointed out the hotness/largeness while Eric’s comment was unsolicited but it’s a thought and I think it’s fair enough.

            PS. my mates gf and Alison Curtis both got citizenship too so welcome to em both.

    1. sheep

      I was thinking the same…….fair play to her if she gave them that name for the craic. even better if that is her name!!

  9. The Bottler

    Its fantastic to see so many people delighted to become irish citizens. Shame on all the negative commentators.

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